Announcing Zondervan’s OFFICIAL cover for Merlin’s Blade!

Yes, Zondervan has officially released their cover for MERLIN’S BLADE. Also, you can now PRE-ORDER Merlin’s Blade through Amazon! If you want to read the official description of the novel, go on over to’s MERLIN’S BLADE page… And the official release date? April 16th, 2013 !! (And a big thanks to Ember for letting[…]

To Be Revealed Soon: Zondrevan’s Book Cover For Merlin’s Blade!

Yes, I have received a sneak preview of Zondervan’s book cover for MERLIN’S BLADE, and wow am I excited! Let’s just say that it combines hints of mystery, intrigue, and a sinister enemy! And the person they chose to portray Merlin looks very close to how I had envisioned him. There are still some minor[…]

How Important Is A Book Cover For Your Speculative Novel?

I wrote an article over at Speculative Faith sharing a few pebbles from the things I’ve learned on my journey to signing THE MERLIN SPIRAL trilogy with Zondervan last month. Anyway, its fun to pass on these things, and I hope all of you aspiring authors out there find it helpful. Check it out… JOIN[…]

HUGE NEWS #4: The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Plan!

Here are my current marketing plans for The Merlin Spiral trilogy! These will be rolling out over the next nine months, so keep your ears perked… Participating in Blog Tours This includes the famous Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog tour! Mini-Book Giveaways Think of it as a miniature book that includes endorsements as well[…]

HUGE NEWS #3: The Merlin’s Blade Publishing Schedule!

Although it is apt to change, Zondervan’s publishing plan is currently like this: Merlin’s Blade – February 2013 Merlin’s Shadow – August 2013 Merlin’s Nightmare – February 2014 So fans will only have to wait six months between releases, and not the usual year. After working since 2006 on the novels, it will be very[…]

HUGE NEWS #2: Merlin’s Blade Publisher Revealed!

Today I announce who is publishing MERLIN’S BLADE, MERLIN’S SHADOW, and MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE. None other than … ZONDERVAN! Yes, that’s true, and amazingly so. Back when I first began writing, it was my hope that if only I could sign with a literary agent, that one of the big publishers would be interested in my[…]

HUGE NEWS #1: Merlin’s Blade is under contract with a publisher!

Yes, this is it folks! The long-awaited announcement that I am very pleased to finally blog about. I have now officially signed a contract to have all 3 novels of THE MERLIN SPIRAL published! And I owe a big thanks to my incredible agent, Les Stobbe! But who is the publisher, you ask? Well… I’m[…]

Advice Needed About New Sample Book Covers For Merlin’s Blade

NOTE: ZONDERVAN HAS RELEASED MY OFFICIAL COVER FOR MERLINS’ BLADE, WHICH IS *NOT* THE ONES POSTED HERE. TO SEE IT, CLICK THIS LINK. I created these for a publisher to give them an example of what I was thinking for a book cover for Merlin’s Blade. My son, Leighton, portrays the blind Merlin, and my[…]

2011: An exciting year in review for The Merlin Spiral

January I began the year with things “in the works” with two publishers … “A” and “B”. This was as far as I thought I would get in the publishing world, and I imagined that if neither of them were interested, I would be left with self-publishing. Boy was I wrong! February This month I[…]

Big News For Merlin’s Blade…

Okay, this is not the biggest news, although it certainly could be a precursor to some possibly big-Big-BIG news coming in the future: I signed with an agent who is a veteran in the CBA. This means, for the first time, that MERLIN’S BLADE is being sent to the bigger publishers, all of whom have[…]

A Merlin’s Blade Victory!

I feel like shouting as Theoden, King of Rohan, did: VICTORY!!! Three years to the day of finishing draft #1 of MERLIN’S BLADE, I have successfully cut the book down to 105,000 words! Three years ago it was 154,000 words long, so the last twelve drafts have been quite a process of improving the novel[…]

How To Write About Mythical and/or Historical Characters

D. S. Dahnim asked me a question, which I would like to answer. I do have another question for you. I’ve always wondered what writers do when they’re writing about characters they themselves did not make up. For instance, if someone were to write a book about someone like King David or George Washington, or,[…]

The Maps of Merlin’s Blade

I’ve had maps for Merlin’s Blade for a long time, but only now do I feel good about showing them. Why? Because I finally created the topography using Blender 3D software. Here they are (click to see a larger version): PORTION OF BOSVENNA MOOR KERNOW, BRITAIN THE VILLAGE OF BOSVENTOR INIS AVALLOW ISLAND KERNOW, BRITAIN[…]

New Excalibur Art For Merlin’s Blade

Okay, so I admit it … I have been dissatisfied with the current design and quality of my version of Excalibur … so I redid it. Not only did I change the funky bolt-shaped hilt end pieces to circles (which is more authentic), but I took a cue from my son’s 3D art and used[…]

Wayne Thomas Batson’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Wayne Thomas Batson is the Bestselling author of eight adventure novels including the fantasy epic Door Within Trilogy, the pirate duo Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire, The Berinfell Prophecies, and a new series, The Dark Sea Annals. He was very kind to say the following: When you read Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard,[…]

Douglas Bond’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Douglas Bond, historical author extraordinaire, has endorsed Merlin’s Blade with the following kind words: In Merlin’s Blade, you are in the able hands of an author who has done his homework. Robert Treskillard has a vivid imagination and a keen eye for historical detail in this Arthurian novel, and what the author sees, and knows,[…]

Merlin’s Shadow Is Finished!

BIG NEWS !! I have, this day, finished my first draft of MERLIN’S SHADOW, which is book two in The Merlin Spiral. The novel has turned out to be all that I hoped it would be, and much more. It is a worthy sequel to MERLIN’S BLADE. MERLIN’S SHADOW is about the intertwined but separate[…]

Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 2

Holy Worlds‘ intrepid writers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about my novel, Merlin’s Blade, and the market for fantasy literature. Anyway, click to listen to part two. Here’s the summary of the podcast: This week’s episode is the second of three parts to our interview with Robert Treskillard. In this segment, Robert discusses[…]

Merlin’s Blade Update — Big News!

No, I don’t have a publishing contract yet, but I do want to announce that I now have two, yes TWO, publishers looking at Merlin’s Blade. The first publisher (who has had my proposal for awhile) is taking it to committee to consider if they want to look at the whole manuscript. Probably one of[…]

Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 1

Holy Worlds‘ fearless wonder-workers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about all things related to writing and publishing Christian Fantasy. Anyway, I was so long-winded LOL that they had to bust it up into three parts. You can listen to part one right here. Here’s the summary of the podcast: In this episode Jay[…]