My OFFICIAL Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer !!

After many months of filming, special effects work, 3D animation, color-grading, and soundtrack design, I am finally ready to release my book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! The direct link to the trailer can be found here: (Note that this book trailer serves as an introduction for all three books.) Please post the link everywhere[…]

FINISHED! — Curse Of The Spider King Video

After multiple hundreds of hours of work by many, many individuals, we have finished the Curse of the Spider King book trailer video! If you like the video, rate it 5 stars, as that will help raise its profile and help sell more books. The Curse of the Spider King is a YA Christian fantasy[…]

White Stag Spotted In Missouri

Yes, it’s true. A white stag was seen near Cape Girardeau, Missouri. And the deer was photographed! It has only four points now, but imagine what it will look like with a full rack. The newspapers all say that the deer is albino, but in fact, it probably has leucism, a rare genetic alteration that[…]

Ye Old Author Is Now On Facebook

Yours truly has now joined the social networking scene. You can find me at: where I am busy making connections with other people interested in reading, writing, editing, promoting, and marketing Christian Fantasy. I’ve setup my blog to automatically appear there, so it’s one stop shopping. Come on over and say “hi”, especially everyone[…]

A Castle In The Ozark Mountains?

Yes, you heard it right, they are building a real Medieval castle in Arkansas, near Branson, Missouri! And not just building a castle, but building it using the same tools and techniques as were available in the 12th century. And it will take them 20 years to finish! To quote their website: In the heart[…]

Excellent Writing Advice at Double Edge Publishing

The ever-energetic Frank Creed (of the Lost Genre Guild fame) sent me over to check out Double Edge Publishing, and I ended up finding a regular column called “Writer’s Cramps” in their Mindflights magazine. Not only did I find some generally terrific writing advice perusing the fully four years of columns, but I also came[…]

The Power Of Myth In Today’s Culture

The Lost Genre Guild alerted me to a new article out in Christianity Today called Sci-Fi’s Brave New World. The article’s focus is on science fiction, but it easily applies to fantasy as well in the sense that our current secular culture uses these forms of entertainment to find hope and meaning. The author of[…]

The Lay of Havelok the Dane

For those fascinated by old legends, I ran across one I hadn’t heard of before, in a blog post about a 13th century legend of the founding of the English town of Grimsby. It is the story of Grim, from Denmark, who saved the life of the heir to the Danish throne and brought him[…]

Pendragon Sword Of His Father DVD On Sale!

It’s finally on sale! Pendragon Sword Of His Father is available to purchase on DVD at their website (currently under re-construction). Not only that, but they now have FIVE teaser-trailers to view, and one of them has a scene with me and my son, Leighton! I won’t give any details of this scene (that’s a[…]

Robin Hood’s Original Audacity

My daughter, Adele, just put an amazing post together summing up a lot of her deep research into the origins of Robin Hood. And she comes to VERY different conclusions from Stephen Lawhead, who places him in Wales shortly after the Norman invasion for his King Raven series. Also, she has applied her understanding of[…]

Why You Shouldn’t Write In Two Different Genres

This sign, found in Wisconsin, shows why a novelist should stick to one genre per name/pen-name. Or for that matter, why your website & blog should primarily be about promoting your books, and not mixing in other things. Anyway, if you get a few spare moments, click on the picture and go through all of[…]

Enclave Publishing IS LIVE !!

Here’s the press release from the president of Enclave Publishing, the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction: Mwahahaha! Excuse me while I indulge myself in yet another evil laugh. Bwahahahaaaa! After more than a year of machinations and shrewd maneuvering I am at last poised to take over the entire… Okay, okay, I’ll try to[…]

Where To Buy Business Cards, etc.

In preparation for the ACFW Conference next week, I just received two boxes of business cards from Vista Print, and they look EXCELLENT! Better than I even imagined! So if you are in the need of business cards, either standard or custom, this is the place. You can get free full-color business cards for the[…]

King Arthur Wasn’t English

Y Gododdin Those French Academics! What gall to point out that King Arthur wasn’t English! I can just see the French snearing down at King Arthur from their castle as he clip-clops by with a coconut-shell laden adviser. You can read the news article here. At least they didn’t claim he was French. Now that[…]

Fun And Help For Writers With Wordle

I ran across some free software on the internet that makes “word clouds” out of any writing. By this I mean that it creates a graphic of the most used words and sizes them according to how often they are used. I pasted in the first third of my book and this is what it[…]

Why I Am Writing About King Arthur

The BBC just put up a news item about a King Arthur book, written by Philip Reeve, which won the UK’s oldest book award for his novel “Here Lies Arthur”. He beat six others to win. The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) award is in its 71st year. According to the article:[…]

Screwtape Letters — The Play !! ??

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on the fact that a movie is forthcoming on C.S. Lewis’s The ScrewTape Letters, I learn that the Fellowship for the Performing Arts in New York City has put it on a stage at a close-to-Broadway church that doubles as a theater. Somehow I doubt that the[…]

Viking Era Arab Coins Found Near Stockholm

Swedish archaeologists have discovered a rare hoard of Viking-age silver Arab coins near Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. Not that this directly affects the research for my book, which takes place at least 200 to 300 years earlier than when this was buried. But it is still considered an “iron age” find—and customs did not change that[…]

Free King Arthur Unit Study E-Book

If you want to study King Arthur for yourself or your children, you can download a FREE e-book written by Brandenburg Studies. This is an Internet based study in PDF format that teaches all about King Arthur and asks these questions: Who was this legendary figure in history? Was he mythical? Was he real? You[…]

King Arthur and The Age Of Shivery

I ran across this compilation of history student essay bloopers. Among this hilarious history of the world was the fact that King Arthur lived in the age of Shivery, and the Egyptians traveled by Camelot! For a good long laugh, you can read all of it at The World According To Student Bloopers. JOIN THE[…]