Why You Shouldn’t Write In Two Different Genres

This sign, found in Wisconsin, shows why a novelist should stick to one genre per name/pen-name.

Telegraph.co.uk Sign Language Sample

Or for that matter, why your website & blog should primarily be about promoting your books, and not mixing in other things.

Anyway, if you get a few spare moments, click on the picture and go through all of Telegraph.co.uk’s “Sign Language” samples. You’ll be laughing with the tears streaming down in no time!

2 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Write In Two Different Genres

  1. I always appreciate it when you stop by, Reagan. This guy’s sign wouldn’t even be remarkable if it were one or the other, but something appetizing together with something unappetizing is just too much!

    And “Fremin’s food and furniture” makes me wonder how many wood shavings I’ll get in my burger!

    Anyway, I thought I’d apply it to writing, but I suppose there are many other lessons stuffed in there. (Pun intended!)

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