The Mystery of the St. Louis Meteorite – UPDATED!

UPDATE on December 1, 2019: I have recalculated my positions based on a clarification of NASA’s numbers as explained by the “global meteorite hunters” website.  This makes my own calculated meteorite path much more accurate and puts my own “bright flash” point almost identical to Brent Hugh’s.  See below… When I saw on Instagram[…]

A New Chapter In My Thankfulness For Les Stobbe

I began writing MERLIN’S BLADE in 2006 and finished it in 2008. I thought I was done, but I was far from it as thirteen more drafts of the novel awaited as well as the unenviable task of cutting it down by over 45,000 words … almost 1/3! And patience.  I needed patience.  Because it took[…]

Celebrating the 10 Year Anniversary of!

It was ten years ago on September 22nd that I posted my very first blog post here at! Since then we have seen and experienced, in no particular order: 356 Blog Posts Six writing conferences attended Three novels written, edited, and published by Zondervan / BLINK YA Books Seeing my publisher merge with Thomas Nelson[…]

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

A Critical Review of King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The movie that put me on the map, so to say, is finally out, and my verdict is in. How did “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” put me on the map? The reason is because this movie was in the planning stages way back before I was published, and its very presence in the[…]

Publication Plans For ARTHUR’S BLADE

I know a whole lot of folks have been waiting on news of the publication of ARTHUR’S BLADE, and unfortunately, I do not have a release date yet, though it is my hope to have the book out sometime this year. However, and this is a big however, I have firmly decided to self-publish. This[…]

New Podcast Interview with Robert Treskillard

The awesome folks over at Lasers, Dragons, and Keyboards interviewed me for their latest podcast … just click the image below to listen:     JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral! Subscribe Related Posts My strange connections with Robert Frost, Gaspard[…]

The Shock Of Night – by Patrick Carr – CSFF Blog Tour Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the CSFF Blog Tour covering the newest novel—THE SHOCK OF NIGHT—by award winning author Patrick W. Carr. Today I want to review the first page of the opening chapter (not the prologue) of the novel. My opinion is that this portion of writing absolutely must grab the reader. So theoretically,[…]

The Shock Of Night – by Patrick Carr – CSFF Blog Tour Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the CSFF Blog Tour, and we are covering non other than the newest novel—THE SHOCK OF NIGHT—by award winning author Patrick W. Carr! And to start off with, let’s learn a little about Patrick, so here’s the bio from his website: Patrick W. Carr was born on an Air Force[…]

Giveaway of FOUR paperbacks of MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE!

Want a scary novel to read this fall? Yes, you can win a FREE author signed copy of MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE! While the book isn’t horror, you may expect a few chills as you read the novel with a flashlight while hiding under the covers! A King In Danger Arthur, now eighteen, is missing, and Merlin[…]

Ode To An Artist: My Father

On this Father’s Day, 2015, I would like to honor my father, Donald, and talk a little about his life and legacy. A short bio would go something like this: Born to the son of a Czech brewery owner and the daughter of a German brewmaster, he grew up in western Minnesota during the Great[…]

Merlin’s Nightmare: a 2015 Clive Staples Award semi-finalist!

One round down, two to go! MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE has progressed past the first round of nomination voting to become one of the twelve semi-finalists in the 2015 CLIVE STAPLES AWARD. The winner will be announced at the REALM MAKERS catered costume dinner on August 7th. Registration is still open for the conference, so come and[…]

Review of The Fatal Tree by Stephen Lawhead – Day 3 – PLUS A DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

As Bilbo Baggins said … THIS IS THE END … meaning this is Day 3 of touring the THE FATAL TREE by Stephen R. Lawhead — the very last novel in The Bright Empires series. One of the difficulties of writing a full review is that if you don’t know anything about the other books[…]

Review of The Fatal Tree by Stephen Lawhead – Day 2 – PLUS A DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

Yes, this is Day 2 of touring the THE FATAL TREE by Stephen R. Lawhead. And yes, this is posted on Day 3. All I can do is plead forgiveness for my tardiness, as an emergency at work took up nearly all my strength yesterday (I got only 4 hours of sleep last night). I[…]

Review of The Fatal Tree by Stephen Lawhead – Day 1 – PLUS A DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

Welcome back to another Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour review! This time we’re looking at the last book in THE BRIGHT EMPIRES series—THE FATAL TREE—by the illustrious Stephen R. Lawhead. For day one I must, again, begin with the cover. Every single cover in this series was beyond excellent, each novel taking on[…]

A Double Dose Of Grief – Part 2

Today marks almost 2 weeks since my time of grief began. I last wrote about this on the 9th in a post titled A Double Dose Of Grief, and so this is an update. In short, I am still grieving, but now a new grief has been added to it. You see, we attended the[…]

A Double Dose Of Grief

I shaved this week for the first time in many years … the modern version, I suppose, of pulling out one’s beard. You see this was a week to grieve doubly … once for the two year anniversary of my mother’s death on November 6th, and before that for a reason that I’m not yet[…]

BIG NEWS! Someone Has Won Excalibur!!!

It has FINALLY come to pass … someone has WON THEIR VERY OWN EXCALIBUR with the hilt and pommel hand-made by the author! The official results for both CONTEST #3 and the GRAND PRIZE CONTEST are given below. CONTEST #3 1st place Breanna, with 14,400 points! This wins either a Kindle Fire HD 7″, a[…]

Merlin’s Blade wins the SILVER MOONBEAM AWARD in YA Fantasy/Sci-Fi!

Yes, Merlin’s Blade has won the silver medal in the 2014 MOONBEAM AWARD for young adult fantasy/sci-fi fiction It is a great honor to have this vote of confidence given to a debut novelist, and I am blessed to have received it. Their website says the following: Creating books that inspire our children to read,[…]

The Merlin Spiral CONTEST PRIZES! (CSFF Blog Tour Day #2)

Okay folks, for day 2 of the CSFF Blog Tour, and as promised, here are the photos of me making the prizes for contest #2 — MERLIN’S SHADOW: This is my Excalibur hilt mold I made specifically for pewter casting jewelry pieces. I also made a mold of the pommel, and with these molds I[…]

The Merlin’s Nightmare CONTEST IS OPEN! (CSFF Blog Tour Day #1:)

Welcome to the first day of the CSFF Blog Tour, covering none other than the third novel in my series, MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE! Now, since I’m the author, I’m going to use day #1 to announce the opening of my THIRD CONTEST! And with the close of this contest on October 25th, we will also know[…]