What Was Halloween / Samhain Like In Ancient Scotland?

Want to find out what an ancient Halloween / Samhain festival might have looked like? I wrote about it in MERLIN’S SHADOW! Here an excerpt, edited to remove some small spoilers: “Tonight, when the moon is dark, the Picts will celebrate their pagan harvest feast of Samhain. Have you not known why they work us[…]

A Pictish Ballad

I had to write a ballad in Pictish for my current work in progress, Merlin’s Shadow. The problem is that we don’t know what language, exactly, the Picts spoke. Many scholars think it was related to Gaelic, while my daughter, Adele, is of the persuasion they spoke a Germanic language older than English, and this[…]

Keep Your Writing Scraps

The other day I had the pleasure of pulling from my “drawer” an old scrap of writing and inserted it into Merlin’s Shadow. It was a dear scrap, this one, and contained an interaction with three fisherman named Ynktor, Henkter, and Crothak. They had originally appeared in my prologue of Merlin’s Blade, but the cutting[…]

Was Merlin Scottish?

Apparently the people of Glasgow think he is. Despite the fact that a Merlin (Myrddin Wyllt) has been associated with Scotland, can anyone explain to me how the city of Glasgow can call Merlin a “Famous Glaswegian” when Merlin predates the city of Glasgow? The city, as they rightly profess, was founded by St. Kentigern[…]

Who Was Merlin? — Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a series. Click here to read “Who Was Merlin? — Part 1“. So the question remains: Was Merlin a Druid? That is an open question. Certainly he was a bard, and therefore the question can be worded like this: How connected were the Bards to the Order Of Druids?[…]

More On King Arthur and Werewolves

I found some of the text about King Arthur fighting werewolves in his tenth battle. Here it is, from the Welsh peom Pa Gur?: Though Arthur laughed he caused her blood to flow in Afarnach’s hall, fighting with a witch. He pierced Cudgel’s Head in the dwellings of Disethach. On the mountain of Edinburgh he[…]

King Arthur and Werewolves?

Yes, it appears that King Arthur fought werewolves in a little-known legend. Although not exactly werewolves, but rather “dog-heads“, which are human type creatures with the heads of dogs, or wolves. This is highly interesting to me, because I have my third book planned out in great detail, and in it, King Arthur fights a[…]

King Arthur Wasn’t English

Y Gododdin Those French Academics! What gall to point out that King Arthur wasn’t English! I can just see the French snearing down at King Arthur from their castle as he clip-clops by with a coconut-shell laden adviser. You can read the news article here. At least they didn’t claim he was French. Now that[…]

White Stag Spotted In Scotland

This just in: After the only previously known living white stag was killed and beheaded by poachers near the Cornwall border last October, a new one has been spotted in the Scottish Highlands. Four articles pertaining to this event: Here is a news article that has pictures of the rare deer. And here is another[…]

New Excalibur Design!

I have finally finished my design for Excalibur! Up to this point, I have been using for Excalibur a modified version of a dagger that I am going to smith for my daughter, Adele. And no, a longer version of a dagger doesn’t really make a good Excalibur. Not only did it have odd proportions,[…]