King Arthur and Werewolves?

Dog Head

Yes, it appears that King Arthur fought werewolves in a little-known legend. Although not exactly werewolves, but rather “dog-heads“, which are human type creatures with the heads of dogs, or wolves.

This is highly interesting to me, because I have my third book planned out in great detail, and in it, King Arthur fights a werewolf! This means that I may be able to lean on actual legends rather than just my pure imagination for this particular novel.

Anyway, if you want to read more about this, check out these articles. I’m still researching, so this is still a bit scanty.

The last one is the most interesting, because it directly relates to King Arthur.

I am following up on some more leads from this article, but a very fascinating fact came out: “Kentigern” is possibly from the word *Cunotigernos, meaning “Wolf-lord”. The St. Kentigern of legend actually plays a part in my book, but he must earn his title!

And so maybe he figures more prominently into book three than I had envisioned.

To see the actual text of King Arthur fighting werewolves, read my follow-up post over here.

UPDATE – July 2014

Book 3, which I mentioned above, is now named MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE, and was published on May 13th, 2014. And don’t forget to purchase book 1 (MERLIN’S BLADE), and book 2 (MERLIN’S SHADOW)!