A New Chapter In My Thankfulness For Les Stobbe

I began writing MERLIN’S BLADE in 2006 and finished it in 2008. I thought I was done, but I was far from it as thirteen more drafts of the novel awaited as well as the unenviable task of cutting it down by over 45,000 words … almost 1/3! And patience.  I needed patience.  Because it took[…]

HUGE NEWS #2: Merlin’s Blade Publisher Revealed!

Today I announce who is publishing MERLIN’S BLADE, MERLIN’S SHADOW, and MERLIN’S NIGHTMARE. None other than … ZONDERVAN! Yes, that’s true, and amazingly so. Back when I first began writing, it was my hope that if only I could sign with a literary agent, that one of the big publishers would be interested in my[…]

HUGE NEWS #1: Merlin’s Blade is under contract with a publisher!

Yes, this is it folks! The long-awaited announcement that I am very pleased to finally blog about. I have now officially signed a contract to have all 3 novels of THE MERLIN SPIRAL published! And I owe a big thanks to my incredible agent, Les Stobbe! But who is the publisher, you ask? Well… I’m[…]

2011: An exciting year in review for The Merlin Spiral

January I began the year with things “in the works” with two publishers … “A” and “B”. This was as far as I thought I would get in the publishing world, and I imagined that if neither of them were interested, I would be left with self-publishing. Boy was I wrong! February This month I[…]

Big News For Merlin’s Blade…

Okay, this is not the biggest news, although it certainly could be a precursor to some possibly big-Big-BIG news coming in the future: I signed with an agent who is a veteran in the CBA. This means, for the first time, that MERLIN’S BLADE is being sent to the bigger publishers, all of whom have[…]

How To Establish Your Writing Voice

Yesterday, a strange series of events happened … all in the perfect order to cause my daughter, Ness , to have quite a fright. First off, I was mowing the lawn, and promptly got the mower stuck in a muddy section near some woods. So I’m trolling the garage to find chains, anything, that I[…]

Announcing Epic Tales Press

Ah yes—you are expecting me to announce that I am self-publishing my book. Not so. Epic Tales Press is being setup to publish the CDs for our Celtic band, Wren Song. And … if my daughter, Adele, so decides, her novels. Now it is possible that I may decide to go the self-publishing route, but[…]

Why Thomas Nelson Opened A Self-Publishing Press

If you haven’t heard yet, Thomas Nelson rebranded their WestBow Press imprint as a new POD publisher that is open to any author who has an extra $1000 or so. Yes, this is expensive, especially when you consider that some of the publishing packages go up to $20,000. Yikes! Why would anyone pay to be[…]

Are You The Next Ted Dekker?

BIG NEWS! Kevin Kaiser, Ted Dekker’s literary agent in charge of global domination, has asked the question of who is the next Ted Dekker—and he is serious. So serious that he has opened up his normally closed agency for one day and one day only. On November 15th (now closed), he will accept a query[…]

Why I am Writing Merlin’s Shadow, Book 2

To most of you, it would seem obvious that once I finished Book 1 (Merlin’s Blade), I would begin writing Book 2 (Merlin’s Shadow). To me, however, it was not obvious. Unless I can sell book 1, book 2 is useless in the sense that neither agent nor publisher will ever see it. So why[…]

Tom Pawlik’s VANISH Wins The Christy Visionary Award!

Yes, you heard it right, Tom Pawlik’s book VANISH has won this year’s coveted Christy Award in the Visionary category (Speculative Fiction). Congratulations, Tom! What a great win, especially considering this is Tom’s first book. This book was just reviewed by the CSFF Blog Tour last month. The sad part is that when I wrote[…]

Literary Agent Steve Laube Has A New Blog

For all of you fans of literary agent blogs, Steve Laube has just started his own! His first post is titled “Who Decides to Publish Your Book?“. He gives excellent advice about the publishing process, using examples from his own experience. As part of this, he covers the three stages that a book must go[…]

How I Improved My Fiction

Since my single attempt at sending a proposal out ended in the expected result, I have decided to improve my fiction in three different ways: I Simplified The Names Of My Characters My book is fraught with difficult names, but my most egregious choice was spelling Merlin and Arthur’s names different from the standard English:[…]

Major Milestone: My First Proposal Sent Out

After three years of research and writing, I have finally sent out my first proposal to a literary agent. I had hoped to do so before now, but I learned many things at last fall’s ACFW conference as well as through two paid critiques of my work by author/editor/publisher extraordinaire Jeff Gerke—and now my manuscript[…]

Excellent Interview With Steve Laube

I ran across a great interview with Steve Laube, agent extraordinaire, from June of last year. It is on the “Craving The Supernatural” blog, and you can read it by clicking right here. A lot of his advice has to do with attending the ACFW conference, and having attended it last September, and having met[…]

Second Draft Finished!

As of this weekend, I have finished draft #2 of my first novel, Merlin’s Blade, which is book one of the Merlin Spiral series. My goal was to cut it down as close as I could to 100,000 words. Having begun at 154,000 words, that goal was doubtful. If I had gotten it down to[…]

Agent Terry Burns On Publishing And The Economy

Here’s an excellent article by CBA agent Terry Burns. This article is a MUST READ for all pre-published authors. Terry Burns addresses the state of publishing, and in particular Christian publishers, in the current challenging economic climate. Terry Burns has gone out of his way to get quotes straight from the mouths of editors, many[…]

A Great Interview With Donald Maass

Donald Maass’ agency site has a link to a great interview with him. Donald is the author of the incredible book which I highly recommend, Writing The Breakout Novel. Here is the two-part interview: Part 1 Part 2 JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the[…]