A New Article On Pendragon Sword Of His Father

I found a new article about the movie, Pendragon: Sword Of His Father, written up by HSLDA. This article gives some great behind the scenes info and probes: How the vision began How they persevered through trial How homeschooling helped prepare their kids How much they sacrificed to see it through Click here to view[…]

Pendragon Sword Of His Father DVD On Sale!

It’s finally on sale! Pendragon Sword Of His Father is available to purchase on DVD at their website (currently under re-construction). Not only that, but they now have FIVE teaser-trailers to view, and one of them has a scene with me and my son, Leighton! I won’t give any details of this scene (that’s a[…]

I’m In “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father” !!

I should have titled that I Might Possibly Be In The Movie “Pendragon—Sword Of His Father”, because I don’t know how the film editing will go. But that title is a bit ponderous, so here we are. My son and I had the wonderful opportunity of being extra’s during filming last Wednesday night until 4am.[…]

Pendragon — Sword Of His Father

I wanted to announce that I found out about a new movie that is coming out on DVD called Pendragon—Sword Of His Father. This film is being put together by Burns Family Studios. The Burns family, who homeschool, has been involved in film making for the past six years. It all started when their youngest[…]