Why Have Your Book Reviewed In The CSFF Blog Tour?

This is just a quick note to say that I checked my blog’s statistics, and no less than 54 people came to my blog in the last month looking for information on the specific Christian fantasy novels that I’ve reviewed as part of the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy blog tour. My blog statistics show[…]

How To “Write in the Shadows” by John Olson

We’ve all heard of “reading between the lines”… well how do you “write between the lines” to evoke emotional responses from readers on the sly? Well, I just read some of the most fantastic writing advice in Randy Ingermanson’s monthly e-zine that explains just how to do this. He interviews John Olson about “Writing In[…]

Tom Pawlik’s VANISH Wins The Christy Visionary Award!

Yes, you heard it right, Tom Pawlik’s book VANISH has won this year’s coveted Christy Award in the Visionary category (Speculative Fiction). Congratulations, Tom! What a great win, especially considering this is Tom’s first book. This book was just reviewed by the CSFF Blog Tour last month. The sad part is that when I wrote[…]

SHADE by John Olson

This post about John Olson’s latest book is coming in late for the “Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour“, but better late than never! My excuse (if it can be called that) is that my employer is being absorbed into another company, and it’s been a crazy two weeks hammering out the transition details.[…]