What Was Halloween / Samhain Like In Ancient Scotland?

Want to find out what an ancient Halloween / Samhain festival might have looked like? I wrote about it in MERLIN’S SHADOW! Here an excerpt, edited to remove some small spoilers: “Tonight, when the moon is dark, the Picts will celebrate their pagan harvest feast of Samhain. Have you not known why they work us[…]

Honey From The Rock

In my time with the Lord prior to celebrating Resurrection Sunday with my family, I found a gem in Psalm 81 [ESV]: Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the God of Jacob! Raise a song; sound the tambourine, the sweet lyre with the harp. Blow the trumpet at the new moon,[…]

The Bard Of The Grey Wind Speaks About Christmas

I was reading the blog of Edward Waters, someone I consider a friend, and I was struck by how much his thoughts and mine are blown by the same wind: Both of us make Advent a cornerstone of our Christmas worship We both agree on the ability of God to redeem even the pagan things[…]

The Advent Conspiracy!

Exactly one year and three days ago, we installed our new well system. It had been 22 days without water in the house, and we learned a lot of lessons. One of those lessons was to really celebrate Advent. Ever since we were married, my wife and I have celebrated Advent, but last year we[…]

First Ever Fan Art For My Book

Let’s just say that my kids are fans of my book! Last month for Father’s Day (June 15th here in the U.S.), my children worked many long hours and gave me a statue of King Arthur. They made him out of Sculpey Clay that you cure by baking, with tin foil for filler, and wire[…]

A Bit Of Humble Pie

Here are two disclaimers from my previous post, entitled Of Earthquakes, Passover, and Good Friday. Calendar Clarifications Thinking more carefully through the Passover calendars of Christians and Jews, I realized that one possible reason for the differences is that the Christians probably wanted Resurrection Sunday to always be preceded by a Good Friday, which was[…]

Of Earthquakes, Passover, and Good Friday

I awoke on April 18th about 4am with nature calling. Ignoring it, I went back to sleep. At exactly 4:36am I woke up again, feeling shaky. Wondering if I was hungry and needing to eat something, I tried to ignore it. But the shaking continued. Soon I thought to myself, “maybe a great wind is[…]