My OFFICIAL Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer !!

After many months of filming, special effects work, 3D animation, color-grading, and soundtrack design, I am finally ready to release my book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! The direct link to the trailer can be found here: (Note that this book trailer serves as an introduction for all three books.) Please post the link everywhere[…]

BLINK’s First Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer!

Here it is folks, the very first book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! Tales tell that Zondervan is working on a new one using my blade, so we’ll see what it looks like when it’s finished! Also, I’ve been filming my own book trailer for Merlin’s Blade, so there’ll be lots of fun footage to help[…]

Excalibur Has Been Made!

Yes, with a lot of help, and God’s protection, I finally did it! I have successfully bronze-cast the hilt and pommel for my Excalibur, and here are the pictures. Zondervan is going to photograph this blade for the cover of my novel, MERLIN’S BLADE, which will come out February of 2013. I will begin with[…]

Book Trailer Released: FROM DARKNESS WON !!

Yes, it’s finally out! The hugely anticipated book trailer created with blood, sweat, tears, and lots of special effects! FROM DARKNESS WON is the last and ultimate novel of the celebrated, best-selling BLOOD OF KINGS series by Jill Williamson ! Without further delay, here is the trailer: And yes, yours truly has a short cameo[…]


Today we have officially unleashed our long-awaited, much-hyped, ever-so-incredible book trailer for Jill Williamson’s TO DARKNESS FLED, published by Enclave Publishing. This is book 2 in THE BLOOD OF KINGS trilogy. Leighton read this book out loud to our family while we were on vacation in July, and I must say, it is excellent! I[…]