Book Trailer Released: FROM DARKNESS WON !!

Yes, it’s finally out!

The hugely anticipated book trailer created with blood, sweat, tears, and lots of special effects! FROM DARKNESS WON is the last and ultimate novel of the celebrated, best-selling BLOOD OF KINGS series by Jill Williamson !

Without further delay, here is the trailer:

And yes, yours truly has a short cameo as Sir Gavin Whitewolf, adviser to the King … well, at least a cameo of the back of my head!

Here are the principal creators and actors:

  • Director Jacob Parker played Prince Esek.
  • Christian Miles Kolmorgen played the new king, Achan Cham.
  • Author and script-writer Jill Williamson played Duchess Nitsa Amal
  • Costumer Adele Treskillard played Lady Averalla, also known as Vrell Sparrow.
  • 3D Special Effects artist Leighton Hajicek played a minstrel.
  • Alex Winkleman played Sir Shung, the bodyguard of the king.
  • Make-up artist Ness Hajicek played a minstrel fiddler and standard-bearer.
  • Chester Misener played Sir Kenton.
  • Stephen Myers played Bran Wrennen.
  • Juliana Ziegler played Gren Fenny.
  • Noah Hall played Matthias.
  • Zac Hall played one of Esek’s soldiers.
  • Genny Hall played a villager.
  • Peter Loban played a standard bearer.

And the original music score was composed and played by the incredibly talented Jon Maiocco!

And here’s an incredible thanks to everyone who helped support the trailer:

  • Tegid Bard
  • George Henley
  • Jill Williamson
  • Diana L. Sharples
  • Matthew Sample
  • Ryan Paige Howard
  • Andrew Loban
  • Carlson Triebold
  • Diane M. Graham
  • Melissa Steinkamp
  • Beverly Ulmer
  • Caleb Breakey
  • Shawn Edwards
  • Jay Lauser
  • John Otte
  • Kerry Nietz
  • Lina Marker
  • Michael Miller
  • Nichole Joy White
  • Patrick Danzier
  • Cara Watters
  • The Stuesse Family: Bruce & Janet, Hannah, Tiffany, Victoria, Olivia, Gabbie & Genevieve
  • The Dahnim Family: Diane, Deborah, Joseph, Daniel
  • Megan Pennington
  • Karen Cernich
  • Debby Kwiecien
  • Phil Zahn
  • Tony Camjen

And I apologize if we left anyone out. If so, let me know and I’ll add you to the list!

And for those of you who were part of the Kickstarter project, we are putting the final touches on the awards, so pay attention to your inbox in the coming weeks!

And so what’s next in the book trailer department? Why nothing less than a MERLIN’S BLADE book trailer!

Merlin's Blade, published by ZondervanRobert Treskillard is the author of MERLIN’S BLADE, book 1 of The Merlin Spiral, which will be released internationally by Zondervan in February 2013.

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  1. I. HAVE. NO. WORDS. Except one: EPIC.

    You guys did an AMAZING job!!! :D

    I LOVE IT SO VERY VERY MUCH AND AAAAHHH! The wait was SO worth it! :) :)


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