The Laity Lodge Writers Retreat: A Travelogue

I arrived back form the western foothills of Texas on Sunday night, and thought I’d write about my experience at the Laity Lodge Writers Retreat. The Laity Lodge courtyard and fountain. (The following notes are as best as I can remember, so if I have forgotten details or gotten the order of events mixed up…[…]

A Castle In The Ozark Mountains?

Yes, you heard it right, they are building a real Medieval castle in Arkansas, near Branson, Missouri! And not just building a castle, but building it using the same tools and techniques as were available in the 12th century. And it will take them 20 years to finish! To quote their website: In the heart[…]

Where Was King Arthur’s Camelot?

I found a very fascinating newspaper article today regarding the Welsh connections of King Arthur. The article was published at the News & Star, a Welsh newspaper. Now this is not like most news articles that are full of fluff and no substance. This one contains a lot of literary and historical information about Arthur’s[…]

Tolkien, Yeats and the Irish Wilderness

My son and I went on a 3 day trip backpacking through the Irish Wilderness and canoeing down the Eleven Point River. Amazing. This is what our country looked like 300 years ago, as the river is one of the “Wild and Scenic” rivers of the United States—protected from development—so that you see nothing but[…]