A Double Dose Of Grief

I shaved this week for the first time in many years … the modern version, I suppose, of pulling out one’s beard. You see this was a week to grieve doubly … once for the two year anniversary of my mother’s death on November 6th, and before that for a reason that I’m not yet[…]

Beauty And Truth In Fiction

At the end of the last CSFF Blog Tour, Stephen L. Rice and I had a strong discussion regarding Auralia’s Colors and Cyndere’s Midnight, and in particular, on the direction Jeffrey Overstreet was taking the series. His first post with my comments. His second post responding, with more comments. Steve and I were on opposite[…]

Cyndere’s Midnight — An Interview With Jeffrey Overstreet

This is day two of the CSFF Blog Tour, and we are reviewing the MOST EXCELLENT craftsmanship of Jeffrey Overstreet. (If you haven’t read my full review of Cyndere’s Midnight, you can do so by clicking here.) Today I am “pleased as pear cider” to present an interview with Jeffrey Overstreet regarding his latest book,[…]

Come, hear the Bard of the Grey Wind

I wanted to point everyone who chances by here to check out the blog and music of someone I consider a friend, Edward Waters: Rambles Of One Windborne – Bard Of The Grey Wind He considers himself a Christian Bard, and he just wrote a post about hearing God amidst the din of the world.[…]

Song Of Autumn

With the leaves twirling down in beautiful color, today I thought I would share an autumn poem written by James Buckham. Song of Autumn Ho for the bending sheaves, Ho for the crimson leaves Flaming in splendor! Season of ripened gold, Plenty in crib and fold. Skies with depth untold, Liquid and tender. Far, like[…]

King Arthur’s Prophecy

In my first book I have a crazy man make a prophecy to Merlin. This prophecy encompasses the major events of my entire series of six books. Here is the prophecy: Seventy years—have flown and wore Since Dragon Star—fell on the moor. Then I was young—and knew not score, But father he—passed on the lore.[…]

Making Fiction Seem Old

I encountered a problem while I was writing my latest scene. I had to make a scripture which one of my characters read out loud seem old. I couldn’t just plunk in the NIV, could I? What about the KJV? Not quite old enough! After all, my book is taking place in the 5th century.[…]

Tolkien, Yeats and the Irish Wilderness

My son and I went on a 3 day trip backpacking through the Irish Wilderness and canoeing down the Eleven Point River. Amazing. This is what our country looked like 300 years ago, as the river is one of the “Wild and Scenic” rivers of the United States—protected from development—so that you see nothing but[…]