Cyndere’s Midnight — An Interview With Jeffrey Overstreet

Cyndere's Midnight By Jeffrey Overstreet

This is day two of the CSFF Blog Tour, and we are reviewing the MOST EXCELLENT craftsmanship of Jeffrey Overstreet.

(If you haven’t read my full review of Cyndere’s Midnight, you can do so by clicking here.)

Today I am “pleased as pear cider” to present an interview with Jeffrey Overstreet regarding his latest book, Cyndere’s Midnight, conducted via email over the last few days.

And he gets some extra points here because I didn’t give him much time to answer these at his leisure, one of his answers coming in at 11:00pm, and another at 1:00am!

He is very busy not only with his day job, but also finishing up the third novel, Cal-raven’s ladder, the Gold Strand in The Auralia Thread.

And if you take the time to read the interview below, there are some fascinating scoops on that third novel, and a bit about the upcoming fourth novel—hooray!

(Click the following link to keep reading — interview below!)