King Arthur’s Prophecy

In my first book I have a crazy man make a prophecy to Merlin. This prophecy encompasses the major events of my entire series of six books.

Here is the prophecy:

Seventy years—have flown and wore
Since Dragon Star—fell on the moor.
Then I was young—and knew not score,
But father he—passed on the lore.

I will not see—this strange tale spend,
Nor see it twist—waylay and wend.
But though you grieve—and cannot mend,
Yet you will see—the utter end.

Afresh it cuts—dagger death frown,
Make victims in—their red blood drown.
The gory past—comes back aroun’,
And this bright world—turns upside down.

The cock will crow—to moon and soar,
The mouse in fear—brings forth a roar,
The anvil strikes—the hammer tor,
And boar be caught—by apple core.

The white tomb of—bear’s winter sleep
Brings forth the dead—from cavern deep.
The evil foes—come out and creep
Drive forth the hawk—to danger keep.

So grave will gaze—from its pale bed
As ash will birth—the icy dead.
The wren so young—with darken’d head,
Will caw death chant—and evil wed.

Upon high hill—in fortress fast,
You’ll dread you did—not heed the past.
Land of all night—hold on to mast,
For altar’s foe—trust Christ at last.

Eagle will fly—with talon free,
‘Gainst hoary swell—of peoples be.
All things will lose—and dead the tree,
Lest wisdom to—he bend the knee.

The beast will rise—from secret place,
All men will flee—to mountain trace.
Hell dog will dark—the sun’s bright face,
Till sword and spear—with prayer grace.

The beast will bring—forth fetid birth,
And eagle scratch—and prove its worth.
But land will not—have new it’s mirth,
Till red-leg crow—be brought to earth.

For all must seek—and prize the pure,
That will be lost—in bleak azure.
Go find and seek—but ware the lure,
Take narrow way—when none is sure.

And in the end—death’s head will rise,
Kill, take, covet—fill ears with lies.
Pure love will doubt—take all as guise,
Ere noble one—gives up his prize.

In my book I include poetry and things like this here and there.

And no, I’m not going to explain it here. The Lord willing, as the books come out I will explain things if people ask, but not until then.

(Note: All excerpts from my book are copyright © 2007 by Robert Treskillard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)