My Personal Thanks To C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia

A few weeks ago we watched the documentary C.S. Lewis: Beyond Narnia

While not perfect, this documentary was well done, and I particularly liked the details into C.S. Lewis’s life that I had never known, such as:

  • About his experience in the Great War, as well as what happened to him afterward.
  • The fact that he and Warnie (his brother) took in four children from London during World War II. Can you say “The Pevensie Children”?
  • Details of his courtship I had not known.

The only aspect I found objectionable was that they didn’t end on a clearly positive note of faith after his personal doubts and struggles following Joy’s death. Yes, he was human and struggled, but his faith held firm despite the difficulties, and I think they over-dramatized this.

Personally, I owe an incredible thanks to C.S. Lewis for indirectly leading me to faith in Christ. I say indirectly, because it was exactly that … as much of an indirection as can be imagined.

Here is my story: