Screwtape Letters — The Movie !! ??

I would have imagined that This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti would have been made into a movie first, but lo and behold, Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis is being made into a movie by Walden Media!

Screwtape Letters

You can read about it here in Marcus Goodyear’s exclusive interview with Micheal Flaherty, President of Walden Media. Now the purpose of the interview was primarily to talk about the upcoming Prince Caspian and future books of The Chronicles of Narnia, but that mention about Screwtape Letters tucked into the end was pretty amazing!

Why did I think This Present Darkness would be done first? Well … it just seems written more like a movie. Screwtape Letters, to me, seems more philosophical.

Well all I can say is that if they do it right, it should be a fascinating and fun movie!

Thanks, Marcus, for the great interview!

4 thoughts on “Screwtape Letters — The Movie !! ??

  1. Is Part two up yet? Maybe I missed it!

    By the way — I’m not a fan of the current cover of The Screwtape Letters. Maybe we’ll get a new one when the movie comes out.

  2. This has the potential to be a good movie, I hope they do it right. I would have never thought they would have made a movie out of it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Reagan! I am really pumped about this one. The book is such a classic and so fascinating. C.S. Lewis just oozes creativity.

    I’m trying to figure out, though, how they will convert a book of back and forth letters to live action. Should be interesting! Probably it will have a lot of CGI 3D animation.

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