Perseverance and Philippians 2:12-13 – Part 1

I wrote a new article over at Speculative Faith that covers what many would consider a brand new translation of Philippians 2:12-13. This article is based on a research paper I wrote in college and provides some excellent background into the Koine Greek behind the text. Anyway, check it out over here! When part 2[…]

Top 12 Blog Posts of 2009

Here are “The Top 12 Posts of 2009″, in ascending order, ahem! The numbers in parentheses tell how many people read the post, but see my note below on this. Was King Arthur’s Camelot In Caerleon, Wales? (Nov – 236) Reformation Day Faire! (Sep. – 236) Tuck By Stephen Lawhead…Day 2 (May – 243) What[…]

Holy Worlds — What is Christian Fantasy?

Announcing a new Christian Fantasy website: Holy Worlds! This site was originally setup by Jay Lauser. In his own words: We are here to learn what it is that makes writing Christian, and how we are to go about attaining that goal. We want always to glorify God in our writing, and to serve His[…]

The Acts of King Arthur by John Steinbeck

It is with great enjoyment that I recently picked up John Steinbeck’s The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights. This unfinished novel was a lifetime love and goal of Steinbeck, but he died in 1968, leaving it unfinished. In theme, it is almost a translation of the tales as written by Sir Thomas[…]

A Castle In The Ozark Mountains?

Yes, you heard it right, they are building a real Medieval castle in Arkansas, near Branson, Missouri! And not just building a castle, but building it using the same tools and techniques as were available in the 12th century. And it will take them 20 years to finish! To quote their website: In the heart[…]

What Is The Purpose Of A Book Cover? A Discussion

This post is in response to Alexander Field and his blog post over at The Mystery & The Magic, which in turn is in response to Seth Godin’s blog post. The whole discussion is about “What is a book cover’s purpose?” So here we go. Alex, I agree with Jared, who commented on your blog,[…]

Where Did King Arthur Fight The Saxons?

When King Arthur gave the people of Britain the gift of life and liberty, he did so at the expense of the invading Saxons. But where did he fight them? This is a very interesting question, and little is known for sure. Nennius wrote in the Historia Brittonum that there were twelve battles fought by[…]

S.D. Smith Has A New Website

My friend, Samuel D. Smith, has just gone internet-savvy with a new website and blog, complete with pics and great humor. At his new site, you can: View his “gun pose” photo, which is a preview for his up and coming movie, “Caps”. Find out why “Wooten Major” is Sam’s middle name. Check out his[…]

A Treasure Trove Of Writing Advice

Nathan Bransford, literary agent blogonaire (yes, I just invented that word), has pulled together a post linking together ALL of his writing advice dating back to October of 2006. Go get it! JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral! Subscribe Related Posts[…]

Co-Top Blogger For May’s CSFF Tour

May 2009 I am privileged to share the “CSFF Top Blogger” award for May with John Otte! So go on over to John’s blog and congratulate him! (And it is surely NOT the least read blog on the web, I can assure you.) He’s a pastor in the Missouri-Lutheran denomination in my home state of[…]

What Will Become Of Our Books?

Alexander Field over at his “The Mystery & The Magic” blog, didn’t tag anyone, but I feel tagged. He just wrote a blog post on “How Will We Read?“, and it got me thinking about physical, printed books vs. the new era of digital books. As much of a digital, technology centered person that I[…]

Beauty And Truth In Fiction

At the end of the last CSFF Blog Tour, Stephen L. Rice and I had a strong discussion regarding Auralia’s Colors and Cyndere’s Midnight, and in particular, on the direction Jeffrey Overstreet was taking the series. His first post with my comments. His second post responding, with more comments. Steve and I were on opposite[…]

Merlin’s Legendary Origin

I was going to post “Who Was Merlin — Part 2″ today, but found an EXCELLENT blog post over at Heavenfield about Merlin and how he “got his start” when Vortigern attempted to sacrifice him in order to get his fortress built. Lets just say ole Vorty was having a bit of trouble. So go[…]

The Lay of Havelok the Dane

For those fascinated by old legends, I ran across one I hadn’t heard of before, in a blog post about a 13th century legend of the founding of the English town of Grimsby. It is the story of Grim, from Denmark, who saved the life of the heir to the Danish throne and brought him[…]

Top 12 Blog Posts of 2008

Michael Hyatt gave me this idea, as he listed the top 10 most popular posts from his blog. So here are mine, only I decided to go for 12, seeing as there are twelve months in a year. The interesting thing is the last one that ekes onto this list is about Michael Hyatt and[…]

Lost Genre Guild Review

Looking for one of the premiere websites on Christian speculative fiction? Look no further than the Lost Genre Guild, a group of eclectic authors and readers who have banded together to promote Christian Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and yes, Christian Horror. Here’s a rundown of the features on their expansive website: Definition of Christian speculative fiction History[…]

The Bard Of The Grey Wind Speaks About Christmas

I was reading the blog of Edward Waters, someone I consider a friend, and I was struck by how much his thoughts and mine are blown by the same wind: Both of us make Advent a cornerstone of our Christmas worship We both agree on the ability of God to redeem even the pagan things[…]

Robin Hood’s Original Audacity

My daughter, Adele, just put an amazing post together summing up a lot of her deep research into the origins of Robin Hood. And she comes to VERY different conclusions from Stephen Lawhead, who places him in Wales shortly after the Norman invasion for his King Raven series. Also, she has applied her understanding of[…]

Google Books Will Change Publishing Forever

Google Books has made an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers, and this will send shock waves through the book industry. It will affect, among other things: The searchability of out of print, copyrighted books The print on demand availability of out of print, copyrighted books The price of used[…]

Agent Terry Burns On Publishing And The Economy

Here’s an excellent article by CBA agent Terry Burns. This article is a MUST READ for all pre-published authors. Terry Burns addresses the state of publishing, and in particular Christian publishers, in the current challenging economic climate. Terry Burns has gone out of his way to get quotes straight from the mouths of editors, many[…]