S.D. Smith Has A New Website

My friend, Samuel D. Smith, has just gone internet-savvy with a new website and blog, complete with pics and great humor.

At his new site, you can:

  • View his “gun pose” photo, which is a preview for his up and coming movie, “Caps”.
  • Find out why “Wooten Major” is Sam’s middle name.
  • Check out his latest blog posts where his wittificatious attitude is made clear (which also happens to be his favorite color).
  • Peruse his bio and learn about his legitimate issues.
  • Find out more about his writings, especially the Fledge Chronicles, now a flying success and soon to be turned into a book.
  • Read his FAQ where he explains what FAQ actually means.
  • Climb his link-ladder and see the finer places on the internet.
  • Contact Sam, especially if you are a publisher or an agent looking for quality writing by a man of quality.
  • See his touching pictures, even though you can’t touch them. See ma, no fingerprints!
  • And last but not least, receive a boon of humor ala S.D. Smith style.

Do it!

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