Exciting News For Fans of LB Graham

L.B. Graham, a friend of mine here in St. Louis, has signed a three book contract with AMG Publishers! This is fantastic news, because L.B.’s last book series was finished in 2008 (The Binding of the Blade, see the cover to the right). Now his fans finally get to taste a new adventure, this one[…]

The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin — A Full Review

Welcome to the first Christian Science-Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour of 2011! The book of the month is THE WOLF OF TEBRON by C.S. Lakin. First off, I want to give my kudos to the AMG cover designers. I just finished reviewing SWORD IN THE STARS, another recent AMG release, and both covers have this[…]

SWORD IN THE STARS by Wayne Thomas Batson

My *official* review of SWORD IN THE STARS by Wayne Thomas Batson: Climb into the roller-coaster, buckle your seat-belt, and get ready to scream! Wayne Thomas Batson has once again brought us a fantasy world so alive, so creative, and so thrilling that you’ll never need to visit an amusement park again. A mysterious and[…]