Was King Arthur’s Camelot In Caerleon, Wales?

Just where was Camelot, anyway? Scholars and romantics have been asking this question for ages. Well, I ran across an online video that covers some interesting theories about King Arthur’s possible presence in Wales. In particular, they argue that Camelot was ancient Caerleon, a Roman fortress with an amphitheater. This is where Geoffrey of Monmouth[…]

Did King Arthur Fight The Vikings? A Fascinating Search For The Truth

I ran across a fun news article about Cornwall’s mid-summer Golowan Festival, which has its strongest representation in Penzance. (If you want to get a taste of the culture of Cornwall, make sure you watch the video as well.) So what was the theme of this year’s Golowan Festival in Penzance? Well… it was the[…]

Tuck By Stephen Lawhead — Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of my review of TUCK by Stephen Lawhead. Today I’m going to cover the “not so good”, the “good”, and the “genius”. Notice that there is not a “bad” list, as I found little to dislike in this volume, and much to satisfy. Reading it was like a long, cool drink[…]

Tuck By Stephen Lawhead — Day 1

So we begin at last our review of TUCK by Stephen Lawhead. This is part of the latest Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour, which has now grown to 48 active members this round! Way to go everyone, let’s keep spreading the word and promoting speculative fiction written by Christians! Well, without further delay,[…]

Stephen Lawhead’s Hood – A Quick Review

This blog post is in response to a comment/question from Steven Till, who runs a most excellent blog over at www.steventill.com. His blog is about, as his title says: Medieval History (Middle Ages History) Historical Fiction Fantasy Books Fantasy Novels Fantasy Writing Writing Fiction All things my blog readers and I are fascinated by! Steve’s[…]

Where Was King Arthur’s Camelot?

I found a very fascinating newspaper article today regarding the Welsh connections of King Arthur. The article was published at the News & Star, a Welsh newspaper. Now this is not like most news articles that are full of fluff and no substance. This one contains a lot of literary and historical information about Arthur’s[…]

Who Was Merlin? — Part 2

This post is Part 2 of a series. Click here to read “Who Was Merlin? — Part 1“. So the question remains: Was Merlin a Druid? That is an open question. Certainly he was a bard, and therefore the question can be worded like this: How connected were the Bards to the Order Of Druids?[…]

Merlin’s Legendary Origin

I was going to post “Who Was Merlin — Part 2″ today, but found an EXCELLENT blog post over at Heavenfield about Merlin and how he “got his start” when Vortigern attempted to sacrifice him in order to get his fortress built. Lets just say ole Vorty was having a bit of trouble. So go[…]

Who Was Merlin? — Part 1

This is a question that has fascinated people throughout the ages. I recently read an article on the BBC News website, titled “Merlin myths and links with Wales“. This article was prompted by the introduction of a new television series “Merlin – The Legend” (produced by the BBC, of course) about a young Merlin aiding[…]

Arthurian Hill To Be Excavated

This is an update on my previous post “King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site“. Well, it turns out that this historical hill has been purchased by four local villagers during an auction. They plan on setting up a land trust and opening up the land as a nature reserve for both local use, as well[…]

Review of Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead announced today on his blog/diary that there was a review of his soon to be released book, Tuck, over at TitleTrakk.com. I happily ran over to that website, and I DIDN’T find it! So what did your own Robert Treskillard do? Did I give up? No! I made a guess at the URL[…]

King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site?

If you happen to have a bit of spare cash during this crazy economy, you might want to consider purchasing a bit of Welsh history. One of the legendary sites where King Arthur and Guinevere were married is up for auction later this month. Not only does this hill have Arthurian connections, but it is[…]

Where Is The Holy Grail?

I found some very interesting articles today regarding the Holy Grail and its possible location. Of course, no one knows for sure, but it is quite the question to ask, and academics are not without opinions, as we shall see. For my own fictional series based on the legends of King Arthur, I have decided[…]

King Arthur Wasn’t English

Y Gododdin Those French Academics! What gall to point out that King Arthur wasn’t English! I can just see the French snearing down at King Arthur from their castle as he clip-clops by with a coconut-shell laden adviser. You can read the news article here. At least they didn’t claim he was French. Now that[…]

Did Some Celtic Coins Morph From Greek?

I was researching ancient Celtic coins and found a great site by John Hooker & Carin Perron. Through this website you have access to over 28,000 records and images of Celtic coins as indexed at the Oxford Institute of Archeology. Why am I researching this? It is because the characters in my book use coins.[…]