Review of Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

Tuck By Stephen Lawhead

Stephen Lawhead announced today on his blog/diary that there was a review of his soon to be released book, Tuck, over at

I happily ran over to that website, and I DIDN’T find it! >:-(

So what did your own Robert Treskillard do? Did I give up? No! I made a guess at the URL in case the review existed but they hadn’t announced it yet, and I found it!

So here is the semi-EXCLUSIVE link before anyone else knows.

After writing this post I put up three of my own reviews of the book, so here they are:


2 thoughts on “Review of Tuck by Stephen Lawhead

  1. This is a good link, Robert. It caught my eye because we thought Lawhead was going to make it out to Laity Lodge in January. Alas, the economy has people travelling less.

    In the meantime, I’ve used the possibility look into his work again. I’ve not read any of the Hood trilogy, yet…

  2. Marcus,

    Thanks for stopping by! That would have been great to have him out at Laity Lodge. Was he going to come to help launch his book in the U.S.?

    Hey, I saw the critique of your novel over at Randy Ingermanson’s blog … looks like you’re making progress toward publication. I’m preparing to send a proposal out for mine, which will make it almost exactly three years since I jotted down my ideas for the novel. We’ll see what happens.


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