Arthurian Hill To Be Excavated

King Arthur and Guinevere's Wedding Site?

This is an update on my previous post “King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site“.

Well, it turns out that this historical hill has been purchased by four local villagers during an auction. They plan on setting up a land trust and opening up the land as a nature reserve for both local use, as well as archaeological research.

This is fascinating, because the hill was the site of a Norman era castle used to keep the Welsh in check (anyone read Stephen Lawhead’s King Raven Series (HOOD, SCARLET, & TUCK)? Hmmmmm….

Not only could artifacts be found from the Norman Conquest era, but possibly from the era of King Arthur. This is because (in my opinion) the Norman castle could have been built on the site of a far older hillfort.

So, it will be interesting to see what is found. In particular, my daughter is taking archaeology through the University of Leicester, England, and will have to participate in some digs. These will most likely be in the U.S., but who knows what God has in store?

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  1. Marcus,

    Sorry I didn’t get your comment posted right away… we had a crazy weekend here!

    Yes, I do expect it will take quite awhile to get any results. Not only would the archaeologists have to find funding from some source to even do a dig, but the results are usually not released to the public for quite awhile, and even then, only in smattering amounts. Tuck is coming out next month, so that should renew interest again in Lawhead’s series.


    …I agree! If I lived in England, I’d be digging to! Its really amazing the things that people have found by accident.

    One guy was plowing a field and found something he thought was part of an old brass bed. Only later after someone looked at it did they realize it was an iron age torc made from pure gold. They did a lot of digging on the guys land and found incredible troves of buried artifacts and treasure. They call it the “Snettisham” treasure … take a look at this website:

    Amazing pictures! You just never know!

    Thanks for stopping by both of you guys!


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