King Arthur and Guinevere’s Wedding Site?

If you happen to have a bit of spare cash during this crazy economy, you might want to consider purchasing a bit of Welsh history.

One of the legendary sites where King Arthur and Guinevere were married is up for auction later this month.

King Arthur and Guinevere's Wedding Site?

Not only does this hill have Arthurian connections, but it is also an archaeological site because a Norman castle was built on the site in the 13th century.

Anyway, it turns out I need a hill for my novel where Guinevere and Arthur meet and fall in love, and so I will definitely consider this one when the time comes for me to pick.

Also, read my PART 2 about this Arthurian hill, where I cover the news that it will be opened up for archaeological research.

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  1. I’d buy it if were wealthy, problem is, the lunatics are running the asylum over in Britain. Even more to the left politically then we are becoming.

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