Where Was King Arthur’s Camelot?

Pendragon CastleI found a very fascinating newspaper article today regarding the Welsh connections of King Arthur.

The article was published at the News & Star, a Welsh newspaper. Now this is not like most news articles that are full of fluff and no substance. This one contains a lot of literary and historical information about Arthur’s activities in Wales.

The article is about Steve Matthews and his new book King Arthur Lives in Merrie Carlisle.

As such, the article, and book, contends that if there was a King Arthur, that there is a good evidence he was based in Carlisle, Wales.

The image at the top shows “Pendragon Castle“, which was built in the 12th century, supposedly on the site of an earlier castle built by Arthur’s father, Uther Pendragon.

I personally have not examined this evidence enough to give my own judgment, especially since there are many competing sites in Cornwall and Scotland.

Steve Matthews with his new book King Arthur Lives in Merrie CarlisleBut this is fascinating to me, because I have begun book 2 of The Merlin Spiral: Merlin’s Shadow, where Arthur is being taken as a child from Cornwall up to Wales (and far beyond, but that’s a secret for only readers to know).

So any info on the Welsh connections to King Arthur are very helpful.

Again, read the article and see for yourself!

5 thoughts on “Where Was King Arthur’s Camelot?

  1. Robert, this is really fascinating! I’m going to have to dig into your blog to find out more about this Merlin Cycle trilogy that you’re writing. It sounds very fascinating and I think, something I’d love to read. I saw that you’ve sent it to an agent, have you posted any of it anywhere yet? : )

  2. There’s a Welsh woman in my writing group here in California who is writing a young adult Merlin fantasy from the point of view that he is Welsh.
    I need to remember to direct her to your blog next time I go!

  3. Brandon,

    That’s really interesting! I’m having Merlin grow up in Cornwall… BUT his father is from Wales, and his mother is from Scotland. How’s that for covering all the bases?

    I’m doing something similar with Arthur in that I’m not sticking him only in one place. There’s a LOT of strong opinion across the pond about these things, and I’m going to attempt to walk the tight-rope without falling. We’ll see! :D


  4. Haha! :)

    Sometimes we can’t please everybody. My latest book was an archeological adventure story, and I’m sure I stepped on a few toes when it comes to historical theory’s!
    I guess I won’t have to worry about that until it finds a publisher… (please find a publisher, please.)

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