More Fan Art!

It was my birthday and my kids put out a super effort to make an incredible “movie poster” style drawing of my book!

Drawing of Merlin's Blade

You’ll notice that the left side has all the “bad guys”, and the right side has all the “good guys (and gal).

(Also, if you notice any problem with the colors, know that I colorized the original pencil drawing on the computer. What I chose may not have been what they would have picked.)

Starting with the lower right corner and working counter-clockwise around the center, here are the characters’ names:

  • Garthwysik & child
  • Natelynya
  • Muscarvol
  • Dybricius (very small in the robe)
  • Vorteigyrn (hiss)
  • Morganthu (hiss)
  • Tregeagle (hiss)

And in the center, Llynaeyus / Merlyn.

You can click the image to see a larger version.

What a great birthday present!

5 thoughts on “More Fan Art!

  1. It really is motivating. My son even said to me that the proposal I sent out was from the whole family, that all of us were waiting on an answer from the agent together. God knew what he was doing when he put us in families.

  2. My youngest, 8, helps a lot, too. She goes through printouts and does edits, and she has some good insight!

    I also read aloud every few nights what I’ve written, and everyone shares their thoughts, and I highlight what needs work. Its a great way to get some quick fixes before its out of my mind.

    As well, reading it out loud gives me the “sounds right” check. Its amazing how many times I run across tongue twisters, similar sounding words, or phrases that just don’t sound right.

    Thanks for checking in, Alex. I need to get another blog post out soon!

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