How To Establish Your Writing Voice

Yesterday, a strange series of events happened … all in the perfect order to cause my daughter, Ness , to have quite a fright. First off, I was mowing the lawn, and promptly got the mower stuck in a muddy section near some woods. So I’m trolling the garage to find chains, anything, that I[…]

A Treasure Trove Of Writing Advice

Nathan Bransford, literary agent blogonaire (yes, I just invented that word), has pulled together a post linking together ALL of his writing advice dating back to October of 2006. Go get it! JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral! Subscribe Related Posts[…]

How I Improved My Fiction

Since my single attempt at sending a proposal out ended in the expected result, I have decided to improve my fiction in three different ways: I Simplified The Names Of My Characters My book is fraught with difficult names, but my most egregious choice was spelling Merlin and Arthur’s names different from the standard English:[…]

How To Survive With Less Editorial Support

Nathan Bransford, literary agent for Curtis Brown, Ltd. blogged yesterday about the book imprint “12″ which only publishes 12 books a year—one per month—and attempts to make each one a bestseller. As part of this, he points to Moon Rat’s blog, who has some interesting advice for novelists. This advice stems from the fact that[…]