MERLIN’S SHADOW is in my hands + a Giveaway!

Yes, it’s true … I now have a box full of advanced reader copies of MERLIN’S SHADOW! The official book will be on sale October 1st, and to celebrate, I’m going to give away FIVE copies of MERLIN’S SHADOW! Just enter a comment on this blog post and you’re entered for the random drawing! Here’s[…]

Announcing The Merlin’s Blade Promotion Contest!

Hello from Robert Treskillard, the author of the just released novel, MERLIN’S BLADE, book 1 of The Merlin Spiral. I have some exciting news … not just one contest, but THREE CONTESTS! And with a grand prize to top them all! So … this is the official announcement of the Merlin’s Blade Promotion Contest! (It[…]

My OFFICIAL Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer !!

After many months of filming, special effects work, 3D animation, color-grading, and soundtrack design, I am finally ready to release my book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! The direct link to the trailer can be found here: (Note that this book trailer serves as an introduction for all three books.) Please post the link everywhere[…]

BLINK’s First Merlin’s Blade Book Trailer!

Here it is folks, the very first book trailer for MERLIN’S BLADE! Tales tell that Zondervan is working on a new one using my blade, so we’ll see what it looks like when it’s finished! Also, I’ve been filming my own book trailer for Merlin’s Blade, so there’ll be lots of fun footage to help[…]

Excalibur Has Been Made!

Yes, with a lot of help, and God’s protection, I finally did it! I have successfully bronze-cast the hilt and pommel for my Excalibur, and here are the pictures. Zondervan is going to photograph this blade for the cover of my novel, MERLIN’S BLADE, which will come out February of 2013. I will begin with[…]

Book Trailer Released: FROM DARKNESS WON !!

Yes, it’s finally out! The hugely anticipated book trailer created with blood, sweat, tears, and lots of special effects! FROM DARKNESS WON is the last and ultimate novel of the celebrated, best-selling BLOOD OF KINGS series by Jill Williamson ! Without further delay, here is the trailer: And yes, yours truly has a short cameo[…]

How Important Is A Book Cover For Your Speculative Novel?

I wrote an article over at Speculative Faith sharing a few pebbles from the things I’ve learned on my journey to signing THE MERLIN SPIRAL trilogy with Zondervan last month. Anyway, its fun to pass on these things, and I hope all of you aspiring authors out there find it helpful. Check it out… JOIN[…]

Note To Authors: Your Idea Is Not Special

This blog post is a parody/twist of Brad Feld‘s latest “Note to entrepreneurs: Your idea is not special“. I have rewritten his post as if he were a publisher or editor and talking about books: Every day I get numerous emails from authors and author-wannabees describing their latest book. Often these people think their idea[…]

Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 2

Holy Worlds‘ intrepid writers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about my novel, Merlin’s Blade, and the market for fantasy literature. Anyway, click to listen to part two. Here’s the summary of the podcast: This week’s episode is the second of three parts to our interview with Robert Treskillard. In this segment, Robert discusses[…]

Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 1

Holy Worlds‘ fearless wonder-workers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about all things related to writing and publishing Christian Fantasy. Anyway, I was so long-winded LOL that they had to bust it up into three parts. You can listen to part one right here. Here’s the summary of the podcast: In this episode Jay[…]


Today we have officially unleashed our long-awaited, much-hyped, ever-so-incredible book trailer for Jill Williamson’s TO DARKNESS FLED, published by Enclave Publishing. This is book 2 in THE BLOOD OF KINGS trilogy. Leighton read this book out loud to our family while we were on vacation in July, and I must say, it is excellent! I[…]

A Treasure Hunt Extraordinaire!

This morning I finished reading THE SKIN MAP by Stephen R. Lawhead. Last week I finished reading VENOM & SONG by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper. Both of these are excellent books, and both are fun to read. Venom & Song is the CSFF Blog Tour book for next week, and THE SKIN MAP[…]

Big News #1 — ICRS in St. Louis!

Well … the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) has come and gone from my adopted hometown of St. Louis. The amazing thing is that, thanks to Douglas Bond and P&R Publishing, I was able to step onto the floor of the convention, even if briefly. Once I heard that ICRS was coming to St. Louis,[…]


LB Graham has released BEYOND THE SUMMERLAND for 99 cents! This is the first book in his epic fantasy The Binding of The Blade series). And what if paying a buck is just too much? Well … then you can get it for free at P&R Press’s website! Shhhh! Help LB introduce BEYOND THE SUMMERLAND[…]

Ye Old Author Is Now On Facebook

Yours truly has now joined the social networking scene. You can find me at: where I am busy making connections with other people interested in reading, writing, editing, promoting, and marketing Christian Fantasy. I’ve setup my blog to automatically appear there, so it’s one stop shopping. Come on over and say “hi”, especially everyone[…]

Updated Book Cover For Merlin’s Shadow

Based on the comments I received on my personal cover art for Merlin’s Shadow (THANKS EVERYONE!) I changed the image. Yes, the previous image had too much horror in it. I hope the new one does not. Comments are greatly appreciated on this new image. Does it still contain too much horror? Thanks! -Robert JOIN[…]

What Is The Purpose Of A Book Cover? A Discussion

This post is in response to Alexander Field and his blog post over at The Mystery & The Magic, which in turn is in response to Seth Godin’s blog post. The whole discussion is about “What is a book cover’s purpose?” So here we go. Alex, I agree with Jared, who commented on your blog,[…]

Speculative Fiction Wins Two Best Cover Awards

Just wanted to announce that TWO speculative fiction books won the ECPA BEST COVER AWARD! The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) announces the winners at its annual meeting. First up is Andrew Peterson’s book “On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness“, which won the award for a mid-sized publisher. WaterBrook/Multnomah published the book.[…]

Why You Shouldn’t Write In Two Different Genres

This sign, found in Wisconsin, shows why a novelist should stick to one genre per name/pen-name. Or for that matter, why your website & blog should primarily be about promoting your books, and not mixing in other things. Anyway, if you get a few spare moments, click on the picture and go through all of[…]