Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 1

Holy Worlds Christian FantasyHoly Worlds‘ fearless wonder-workers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about all things related to writing and publishing Christian Fantasy.

Anyway, I was so long-winded :)) LOL :roll: that they had to bust it up into three parts. You can listen to part one right here.

Here’s the summary of the podcast:

In this episode Jay and I interview Robert Treskillard, author of Merlin’s Blade. Robert has a fascinating definition of Christian Fantasy based on his blog post on the Holy Worlds blog, “What is Christian Fantasy.”

He also shares key insights on overcoming difficulties in writing Christian Fantasy, such as the role of salvation and how to include a Savior. Robert has great advice on how to have a biblical framework that includes a Savior without being too preachy or trying to include every aspect of Christ. We discuss how popular stories like Lord of the Rings uses characters to illustrate aspects of Christ without having a full-on Christ figure. Excellent advice for all aspiring Christian authors.

Stay tuned in two weeks for the second of three parts to our interview with Robert. In the next episode we’ll discuss publishing and his first novel, Merlin’s Blade.

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