The Book Marketing Silver Bullet?

I recently read a blog post by Michael Hyatt, the president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, regarding how to avoid “silver bullet thinking”. By this he means that we should not try to find a “single” solution to current woes, whether as a corporation, or as a country. Often the solution lies in many[…]

How To Survive With Less Editorial Support

Nathan Bransford, literary agent for Curtis Brown, Ltd. blogged yesterday about the book imprint “12″ which only publishes 12 books a year—one per month—and attempts to make each one a bestseller. As part of this, he points to Moon Rat’s blog, who has some interesting advice for novelists. This advice stems from the fact that[…]

Michael Hyatt Explains How Thomas Nelson Chooses Which Books to Publish

In continuing the discussion about the major changes going on over at Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt explains in his latest post how they choose which books to publish. If you are an aspiring Christian author, you NEED to read his post. Essentially Thomas Nelson categorizes all potential books into one of these four categories:[…]

Amazon Cutting Off All Non-BookSurge POD Books

BREAKING NEWS: Sally Stuart’s website just broke the news that Amazon is in the process of shutting down the “Buy” buttons on all Print On Demand books that are not printed through their BookSurge POD service. This change could have far-reaching implications in the industry. Read all about it at her Christian Writers’ Marketplace Blog.[…]

Publicize Your Book — Review #2

Well, I finally finished reading “Publicize Your Book: An insiders Guide To Getting Your Book The Attention It Deserves” by Jacqueline Deval. If you happened to have missed my previous review of chapters 1-8, you can read it here. Here is my review of chapters 9 through 13. JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the[…]

Giving Books Away Online Increases Sales?

Can giving away a book online increase the sales of the printed version of the same book? I know that Seth Godin has done this, but for fiction? Terry Whalin mentioned at the bottom of today’s post about author Paulo Coelho‘s strategy of giving his entire novel away free online to increase sales of his[…]

Simpleology Blogging Course – Quick Review

I took the free course from Simpleology on blogging, and it was pretty good. I would especially recommend it to anyone who is new to blogging. A few grapes: Had good information about how to bring traffic to your site. Had a proper level of technical explanation—not too much, not too little. Had good “getting[…]

Simpleology Course On Blogging

I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they’re letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog. It covers: The best blogging techniques. How to get traffic to your blog. How to turn your blog into money. I’ll let you know what[…]

Publicize Your Book — Review #1

Lately I have been reading the book “Publicize Your Book: An insiders Guide To Getting Your Book The Attention It Deserves” by Jacqueline Deval. This book would appeal to anyone who is either submitting manuscripts to publishers or else planning on doing so. The time to think about marketing is very early on in the[…]

Viral Book Marketing – Part II

One of the thoughts I had concerning what T.L. Hines wrote (see previous post) is that he is really not attempting to turn the book itself into a “virus”, but rather he is attempting to turn “advertising” about the book into a “virus”. This means that the goal is turn either a website or a[…]

How To Viral Market Your Books

I was reading T.L. Hines’ blog post on viral marketing of books. He has some good advice on how to use technology to do this! Here is a summary: Keep it simple technology wise Do something different or put a new spin on something old Make it related to your book Involve the customer in[…]