Holy Worlds Interviewed Me — Part 2

Holy Worlds Christian FantasyHoly Worlds‘ intrepid writers, Jay Lauser and Timothy Ward, interviewed me about my novel, Merlin’s Blade, and the market for fantasy literature.

Anyway, click to listen to part two.

Here’s the summary of the podcast:

This week’s episode is the second of three parts to our interview with Robert Treskillard. In this segment, Robert discusses how to avoid pitfalls in Christian Fantasy, the lessons he learned writing Merlin’s Blade and the market for Arthurian Fantasy.

Thanks again to Robert for joining us, there is a ton of great information here for all Christian writers to look out for. Join us again in two weeks for the last part of our interview, where we discuss Christian Fiction, his favorite authors, and the current state of publishing.

Part one can be found at this link.