Stephen Lawhead’s THE SKIN MAP — Day 1

Well, it’s finally here! The long awaited CSFF Blog Tour of Stephen R. Lawhead’s THE SKIN MAP! The incredible thing is that I was able to spend an extended weekend with Stephen in early October at the Laity Lodge Writer’s Retreat. As part of that, I had him sign an extra copy of The Skin[…]

My Thoughts On Authonomy

This is a bittersweet post to write. While I greatly enjoyed the interaction with other authors, I found … at least for now … that this site is not an easy way to get noticed by publishers, Christian or otherwise. To get the attention of an ABA publisher, you have to get your book’s ranking[…]

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest … NOT!

At least for me … as I didn’t make it to the quarterfinals. But I did get some free reviews of my novel, and for that you would think I’d be glad. The problem is that there’s nothing helpful in the reviews … no real action points that I can run with. Now, mind you,[…]

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Update

By God’s grace, MERLIN’S BLADE MADE IT! It is now one of the 1,000 Young Adult novels selected to go on to the next round. Keep in mind, however, that this judgment was only based on my pitch, and not the book itself. Now Amazon Editors will read my first three chapters and decide which[…]