Publication Plans For ARTHUR’S BLADE

I know a whole lot of folks have been waiting on news of the publication of ARTHUR’S BLADE, and unfortunately, I do not have a release date yet, though it is my hope to have the book out sometime this year. However, and this is a big however, I have firmly decided to self-publish. This[…]

A Double Dose Of Grief

I shaved this week for the first time in many years … the modern version, I suppose, of pulling out one’s beard. You see this was a week to grieve doubly … once for the two year anniversary of my mother’s death on November 6th, and before that for a reason that I’m not yet[…]

Perseverance and Philippians 2:12-13 – Part 1

I wrote a new article over at Speculative Faith that covers what many would consider a brand new translation of Philippians 2:12-13. This article is based on a research paper I wrote in college and provides some excellent background into the Koine Greek behind the text. Anyway, check it out over here! When part 2[…]

Review of Venom & Song — Day 1

Venom. Now there is a word that goes deep into our psyche. How many of us, may I ask, has ever been bitten by a venomous snake? Or how about a truly venomous spider? Very few, I would guess. But we are all afraid of venom. Deathly afraid of it. Song. Who isn’t moved by[…]

Wren Song’s Debut Album—Greenwood Gone

We just released our first album, GREENWOOD GONE, and it’s now available for digital download at our first store, DigStation. Physical CD’s will be available next week for purchase at, and twenty other online stores will soon have it for sale, including Amazon and iTunes. Here’s the album description: Traditional Scottish and Irish music[…]

Announcing Epic Tales Press

Ah yes—you are expecting me to announce that I am self-publishing my book. Not so. Epic Tales Press is being setup to publish the CDs for our Celtic band, Wren Song. And … if my daughter, Adele, so decides, her novels. Now it is possible that I may decide to go the self-publishing route, but[…]

New Website For Wren Song

Not only is our family band working on recording our first CD, but we also have a new website, updated info, and a new banner. Check it out at: JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral! Subscribe Related Posts 2009 Reformation[…]

2009 Reformation Day Faire!

I want to make known to all my Missouri and Illinois blog readers a festival that celebrates the reformation. It is Providence Church’s Reformation Day Faire, held the weekend of October 23rd and 24th (2009) near Peoria, Illinois. The festival this year celebrates the work of God in and through John Calvin. The keynote speaker[…]

Wren Song’s Upcoming Performance

My children’s Celtic band, Wren Song, will be performing this month at the St. Louis Festival of Nations. Admission is free! So anyone in the area, come down, meet us, and hear some excellent music. We’ll be at the Folk Grove stage at 10:00am on Saturday, August 29th, 2009. And yes, I’ll again be performing[…]

Mandolin Learning Update

Here’s an update on my mandolin learning progress. As a few of you will remember I began mandolin last June after I bought a Washburn M1SDL Mandolin. Well, I definitely have made some progress, both in playing chords as well picking, but I’m not going fast mainly because I have little time to practice. What[…]

The Bard Of The Grey Wind Speaks About Christmas

I was reading the blog of Edward Waters, someone I consider a friend, and I was struck by how much his thoughts and mine are blown by the same wind: Both of us make Advent a cornerstone of our Christmas worship We both agree on the ability of God to redeem even the pagan things[…]

Come, hear the Bard of the Grey Wind

I wanted to point everyone who chances by here to check out the blog and music of someone I consider a friend, Edward Waters: Rambles Of One Windborne – Bard Of The Grey Wind He considers himself a Christian Bard, and he just wrote a post about hearing God amidst the din of the world.[…]

New Website For My Kids’ Celtic Band

We have finally setup a website for my kids’ band! The band’s name is Wren Song, and you can check it out by clicking here! JOIN THE BATTLE! Keep informed about the latest news and events for The Merlin Spiral and the upcoming Pendragon Spiral! Subscribe Related Posts A Double Dose Of Grief New Website[…]

Come See My Kids Perform April 5-6th !!

My son Leighton, and daughters Adele and Ynessa will be performing at the 2008 Missouri Tartan Day Festivities this coming Saturday and Sunday (April 5th & 6th) in St. Charles, Missouri in Frontier Park. Entrance is FREE! They will be performing musically three times under the band name “Wren Song”: Saturday approximately 12:30 on the[…]

Who Is Andrew Peterson? (Author of “On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness”)

What an audacious title for this post! As if I could sum up a person and put them in a box so you could look at them! And why would I want to even attempt this? Having not read his book (which appears to be excellent from every account I have read on this CSFF[…]

J.S. Bach Teaches Ficton Writing

I just finished reading some World History to my kids, and as part of that, we covered the Baroque period of music, which includes J.S. Bach. Obscure during his lifetime (supposedly local butchers wrapped their meat in copies of his music), later generations discovered the genius of his musical style. A very prolific composer, he[…]