Who Is Andrew Peterson? (Author of “On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness”)

What an audacious title for this post! As if I could sum up a person and put them in a box so you could look at them!

And why would I want to even attempt this? Having not read his book (which appears to be excellent from every account I have read on this CSFF blog tour), I honestly don’t have much more to talk about! However, once I started looking into his life and music, I was intrigued.

Andrew Peterson

So … who is this author? I started my quest by going to his website at www.andrew-peterson.com and here are a few facts that I have picked up:

  • He appears to be about 33 years old.
  • He is a storyteller extraordinaire—both spoken, written, and sung
  • He lives in Nashville, TN
  • His first album came out in 1996, and he has put out eight more since then.
  • He is married, and has children (whom they homeschool)

If you want to get a sample of his music, I would suggest listening to his song All The Way Home on his Carried Along CD. If that wets your ears, you can go to his music page where he has lots more available, including lyrics.

The interesting thing is that after hearing his music, for me, I instantly compared him to Rich Mullins. After Rich died in 1997 I pretty much dropped out of the Contemporary Christian Music listening scene. I felt his death and the loss of his creativity so strongly that I was keenly aware and saddened anew at the 10th anniversary of his death last year. How can it have been ten years?