A Castle In The Ozark Mountains?

Yes, you heard it right, they are building a real Medieval castle in Arkansas, near Branson, Missouri!

And not just building a castle, but building it using the same tools and techniques as were available in the 12th century. And it will take them 20 years to finish!

To quote their website:

In the heart of America, between Springfield and Little Rock, in Arkansas, based on an original and unique project with roaring success in Europe, a hideaway of the Ozark mountain region is being prepared for a socio-historic project. A team of historians, architectural experts along with passionate and enthusiastic builders is forming.

We are going to build a genuine fortified castle, with 45 feet high towers, 6 feet wide walls, a drawbridge, moats, and stone walls surrounding the main yard using the techniques, material, and rules of the 12th century. A brainchild of Michel Guyot who has started ten years ago to build a similar castle in Burgundy (France).

Thirty masons, carpenters, stone carvers dressed in authentic garb will work all year around for twenty years, the time required to build the castle. Imagine a place when you arrive, our motorized culture is left far behind and the only sounds you hear are the clang of a hammer, of chisels carving stones and carthorses hauling the heavy stones. The blacksmith, the rope maker, the woodcutter will work in front of you putting into practice the medieval techniques of construction.

Ozark Medieval Fortress will be an entertaining, educational, environmental and scientific attraction park. A fun, emotional trip into the far past, an outdoor laboratory, a living history book!

Work began last month, and it will be open for visitors next spring.

And I must say, they chose the right place to build it.

Branson, Missouri is one of our family’s vacation spots due to the presence of Silver Dollar City and The Homestead Pickers! (You’ve got to click this link and see their video—they are one of our favorite music groups.)

Somewhere near ten million people flock to Branson each summer, and the castle will be close enough to lure down a chunk of those tourists.

Hmmm… maybe this would be a good setting for a King Arthur movie someday…

And thanks to Dr. Nokes, professor of medieval literature at Troy University, and his blog for pointing me to this info! Also, you can see more pictures and info at the Musings From a L.O.O.N. blog.

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