Lost Genre Guild Review

Lost Genre Guild

Looking for one of the premiere websites on Christian speculative fiction?

Look no further than the Lost Genre Guild, a group of eclectic authors and readers who have banded together to promote Christian Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and yes, Christian Horror.

Here’s a rundown of the features on their expansive website:

Overall, this is an excellent site, and provides a lot of good information for anyone interested in Christian speculative fiction.

In particular, I subscribed to their blog’s email newsletter, and will look forward to updates on the happenings all around the web that they post about.

Suggested Improvements For The Lost Genre Guild:

In the spirit of edification, I have a list of suggestions for the LGG website to improve its effectiveness in promoting Christian Speculative Fiction.

  • An overhaul of the page layouts to make them have a consistent look and feel
  • An update of the graphics … for instance the “shield” button logo is of a completely different style than their website graphics … the two should be consistent
  • The images on the book review page are CD shaped and made me think it had music reviews
  • Putting the menu on each and every page to improve navigation
  • Putting a link back to the home page as part of the menu
  • Making the blog a cornerstone of the site and more heavily promoting it
  • There are only 10 books reviewed so far … could use more
  • Better fonts in the pdf catalog … it’s hard to read right now
  • A page that provides a wider variety of graphic buttons that bloggers can use on their website to help promote the LGG

Lost Genre Guild

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4 thoughts on “Lost Genre Guild Review

  1. Robert, thank you for the compliments about the LGG website — however, the LGG is an orgainzation, not just much a bunch of little sites! It is about a group of people who actively promote well-written speculative fiction that is respectful of Christian values and beliefs AND is, for a large part, ignored by the traditional publishers and CBA affiliated bookstores. Most of our promotion takes place in venues other than the website where we can meet people face-to-face, so to speak, and let them know about what is available in the world of spec-fic. I am not sure any of this is made clear on the website — in fact it seems that it is something I have to change.

    I like some of your criticisms, others are beyond my capabilities time and talent-wise! :( For instance:

    A page that provides a wider variety of graphic buttons that bloggers can use on their website to help promote the LGG This is a grand idea!

    Making the blog a cornerstone of the site and more heavily promoting it. First, I would love it if someone explained to me how to embed the blog into the site! I’ve tried, believe me. Second, while our blog helps get news out, I am not sure how to increase its visibility in any new way. I’m always open to suggestions, though.

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. BTW, I use “I” a lot in the post because it is “I” who takes care of the web presence stuff in my spare time. *cough* An amateur for sure, but a well-intentioned one!


  2. Hey Robert,

    I like how you mentioned some good constructive criticism. Those are good points that could use updating :)

    Nothing like a smooth site to give it that authoritative feel. And the LGG deserves to feel that way.

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