First Ever Fan Art For My Book

Let’s just say that my kids are fans of my book!

Last month for Father’s Day (June 15th here in the U.S.), my children worked many long hours and gave me a statue of King Arthur.

They made him out of Sculpey Clay that you cure by baking, with tin foil for filler, and wire through his arms and legs. Then they painted him and attached him with super-glue to a custom wooden base and covered him with lacquer.

Statue Of King Arthur

If you look closely, you can see he is wearing a golden torc, has trusty Excalibur at his side, and has a shield with a cross on it. His hair is long and red, which you can see from the back view. He stands about 8-1/2″ tall on top of the 1-1/2″ wooden base.

This was a great gift for me, because that was the day I finished my first draft! Now King Arthur smiles back at me on my desk, inspiring me to “do again the bold deeds of old” … and write about them!