DragonLight Review – Day 1 of 3

DragonLight By Donita K. Paul

This month, the Christian Science-Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour is covering DRAGONLIGHT by Donita K. Paul, which is published by Waterbrook Press.

What Dragons Would Be Interested In This Book?

All kinds … big and small. Whether you like to read your books before a toasty fire (started accidentally of course when you sneezed), or flying through the clouds, you will enjoy this book. After enjoying it myself—and mind you, I’m half-way to being long in the fang—I passed it on to my seven year old meech so she could enjoy it!

What In This Book Is Of Interest To Dragons?

Everything! You’ll follow along with that nice DragonKeeper, Kale, and her husband, Bardon as they take you and your friends on an adventure to save both truth and the lives of their land. You’ll meet other meech-dragons, as well as your large flying cousins, and many small, clever and talented minor-dragons. You’ll see how the dragons help save the day, and also how the black-sheep of the family, if I may borrow an expression from your world, causes lots of trouble.

Why Do You Think I’m A Dragon?

Aren’t we all deep down? Maybe you forgot and need a bit of reminding going through the tomes. Only by grace…

Where Do The Dragons Go?

To the far north. To the unexplored lands where the wild beasties roam and where nothing is what it seems. Keep your eyes sharp, and your wings strong!

When Do The Dragons Fight?

Almost right away! You’ll be hooked from the first chapter! Things start to go wrong right away (can I put those two words together?), and you won’t want to put the book down! Not only that, but the witty banter of those bipeds will keep you flipping the pages.

Which Dragon Is Your Favorite?

Probably Gymm … plays an awful important part in the book. Without that little dragon, I don’t think the quest would have … well, er, I really shouldn’t give anything away.

How Can A Dragon Purchase It?

By going to our favorite Dragazon.com.

And make sure you stop by tomorrow for a more down-to-earth evaluation! :>>

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8 thoughts on “DragonLight Review – Day 1 of 3

  • Thank you for the creativity with this post. It made me giggle. Gymn is my favorite too, not sure why, maybe because I met him first, but either way he’s my favorite. Come over to my Creative Madness to see what I have to say about the beginning of the series and related stuff.

  • Glad you both enjoyed it. More serious tomorrow, but I can’t pretend to be a dragon the whole time, can I?

    I’ve been gone all day, and hope to visit the other blogs on the tour tomorrow.

    Now for some catchup…

  • Not many of the authors comment during the blog tour, so thanks for stopping by!

    Tomorrow I have a list of my minor minor gripes … that way I can get them out of the way and then end Wednesday with all the positives, so take it all with a grain of salt! Great book!

    :yes: U-( :b

  • Creative! Nice way put it all. I’m also reading the same book, and I’m aaalllmmost done. And I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for the post!

  • Wow! I really liked that. It’s nice to see something a little different on the blog tour.

    Of course that puts all the more pressure on the rest of us! I tried getting one of my cats to write a review but all she would write is ‘meow, meow-meow!’

  • Dan, glad you’re reading it, as it really is a gem. The entire series is now on my TBR list.

    Shannon, I hadn’t thought of Eustace. Very apropo example!

    Nissa, a post from a cat’s perspective would be fun. A cat would probably be jealous of the minor dragons. Or at least think they were birds and try to catch them! Now there’s a plot…

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