HUGE NEWS #1: Merlin’s Blade is under contract with a publisher!

Merlin's BladeYes, this is it folks!

The long-awaited announcement that I am very pleased to finally blog about.

I have now officially signed a contract to have all 3 novels of THE MERLIN SPIRAL published!

And I owe a big thanks to my incredible agent, Les Stobbe!

But who is the publisher, you ask?

Well… I’m not going to tell you… until tomorrow!

All the pretty-pleases won’t avail you … you must wait! Here’s the blog schedule. I may amend it as I go, but this is the plan.

Day One: Announcement of the publishing contract
Day Two: The revelation of the name of the publisher
Day Three: Disclosure of the publishing schedule
Day Four: Announcement of my promotion plans

At some later date I will give a more detailed story of the long journey I’ve taken to publication … sharing with you the many painful pebbles of insight that I’ve pulled from my boots along the way.

So … same book-channel, same book-time … tomorrow the publisher will be announced!

8 thoughts on “HUGE NEWS #1: Merlin’s Blade is under contract with a publisher!

  1. I have been mostly out of internet range at a conference, so I’m late to the party… but WOW! This is such great news! I’m so delighted for you, Rob. This is wonderful. You have worked so hard and done everything with such integrity and trust in God. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Bravo! Huzzah!I can’t wait to buy my very own UPDATED copy! Really, well done, brother. All the best!

  2. Thanks for the congrats, everyone!

    And S.D. and L.B., you both now have one of the “rare” unpublished copies! I doubt they’ll be worth anything, but it’s still fun that they exist… :D

  3. Congratulations!!! That’s just epicly marvelous! I guess it just goes to show that hard work DOES pay off, because you’ve certainly done your share so far! It gives hope to us aspiring writers :)

    Can’t wait to hold “Merlin’s Blade” in my own hands! :)

    Good luck to you as you continue down this amazing new road of publication!


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