Was Merlin Scottish?

Apparently the people of Glasgow think he is.

Glasgow, Scotland

Despite the fact that a Merlin (Myrddin Wyllt) has been associated with Scotland, can anyone explain to me how the city of Glasgow can call Merlin a “Famous Glaswegian” when Merlin predates the city of Glasgow?

The city, as they rightly profess, was founded by St. Kentigern in the early 600’s. The fact that this is well after Merlin supposedly lived seems to have escaped them.

Maybe the Glaswegians are the sons of Merlin, and not the other way around.

The interesting thing about this is that in my book, I bring together (fictitiously) the legends of St. Kentigern and Merlin, showing how the two were confused. So this adoption of Merlin by Glasgow is interesting, indeed!