Update On My Book — Merlin’s Blade

Hooray! I just finished my 5th draft (barring a few minor changes from a list I’ve been keeping).

This draft has been very important, because I’ve been working through the excellent suggestions of my wife. She took an entire month to do a detailed line edit, and I think it has added a polish that I didn’t know was possible.

What’s next?

I’ll be sending out a few copies to friends and family to get their reaction.

After making any suggested changes, I’m planning on blitzing some agents with queries and proposals. The chances are slim to none for success in that area, but we’ll see what God does.

Also, I’ve made some exciting discoveries that may turn out to be the setting for books 4 and 5. More on that later…

Merlin's Blade

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3 thoughts on “Update On My Book — Merlin’s Blade

  • Way to go Robert! Editing can be fun, because you get to see your story sharpen and shine, but it can really take a lot of hard work!

    And by the absence of writing on your blog, I imagine you’ve been putting in some hard work!

  • Alex & Brandon — yes I’ve been busy, and it’s good to come to the end of an editing phase.

    But I’ve been doing more than just editing, as I’m learning some new things at work, and that always takes more time.

    Also, we’ve been preparing and planting our garden. Last year I killed all of our seedlings by mixing in too strong of fertilizer, so this year we’re trying to do it right. We’ll see how things grow, but so far, God has blessed us!


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