Review of The Fatal Tree by Stephen Lawhead – Day 2 – PLUS A DOUBLE GIVEAWAY!

Yes, this is Day 2 of touring the THE FATAL TREE by Stephen R. Lawhead. And yes, this is posted on Day 3.

All I can do is plead forgiveness for my tardiness, as an emergency at work took up nearly all my strength yesterday (I got only 4 hours of sleep last night).

I will post tomorrow as well, even though the tour will be officially over, because I really want to get in three days of posting.

Today I want to cover the Characters as well as the Writing. Let’s begin!


Primarily I want to talk about the characters that really play a significant role in this novel. There is a big cast, but these are the main ones.

Cassandra Clarke An archaeologist from Arizona, she ends up traveling by accident to 1950s Damascus and she works with Kit and Wilhelmina in this novel to find a way to get to the Spirit Well to avert The End of Everything. Her insights help to figure out the dangers of the Fatal Tree.
Kit Livingstone The grandson of Cosimo Livingstone, he works with Cass and Mina to figure out the Fatal Tree. His really issue ends up to be one of the heart, however, as he must find a way to forgive as well as trust Lord Burleigh. The fate of the universe may depend on it!
Wilhelmina Klug Kit’s friend and companion, she has traveled from the present to 15th century Prague and opened up its first coffee shop with Engelbert. Mina is the most accomplished ley traveler in the group, and her wisdom and urgings play a key role in the novel … despite the fact that as the universe begins to collapse, she has a very tough go for awhile.
Archelaeus Burleigh He is the true arch-villain of the series, and a scoundrel among scoundrels. Yet he begins the novel in jail and raging against its injustice. His greatest challenge comes from witnessing Engelbert’s forgiveness and lovingkindness. This is especially hard because Engelbert is the man who Burleigh tried to murder.
Engelbert “Etzel” Stifflebeam The round and lovable baker who owns the coffeeshop with Mina. Could this man’s Christ-like love save the universe?
Lady Haven Fayth the daughter of Sir Henry Fayth, she and her faithful servant, Giles, are swept to another time and must figure out how to survive.
Arthur Flinders-Petrie The “man who is map”, his selfish actions have set in motion the end of the universe, and he must be stopped at The Spirit Well or all will be lost.


Stephen is at the top of his writing game in THE FATAL TREE. Truly, this novel was very satisfying, not only because he wrapped everything up fairly tightly, but also because he did it in a pleasing way … a way that reminds me a bit of his other series HOOD: Could the emotional issues that lay deepest in our heart actually be the key to saving the day? Hmmm…

I always like to post a specific example from Stephen’s writing, but I’m going to avoid that this time … honestly, I’m not sure I can do it without giving the plot away!


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    And oh dear, I have no experience with QR codes or how one is supposed to decode them. o.o It seems to have to do with phones, which I do not have… I shall have to ask my brother when he gets home. *twitches and wonders if there’s a time-limit to figuring out the puzzles*

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