Free King Arthur Unit Study E-Book

If you want to study King Arthur for yourself or your children, you can download a FREE e-book written by Brandenburg Studies.

This is an Internet based study in PDF format that teaches all about King Arthur and asks these questions:

  • Who was this legendary figure in history?
  • Was he mythical?
  • Was he real?

You can get your own FREE copy (only until the end of March 2008) by clicking here.

(You have to go through a “check-out” process, but there is no charge, and you don’t have to give any credit-card information.)

A great homeschooling resource, I would say, but it looks like a pretty complete overview for adults as well!

2 thoughts on “Free King Arthur Unit Study E-Book

  1. I love this website. Arthur is a Celt yes and i love the action figure, he strikes me as having long, copper curls and blue or green eyes. I wish that Pendragon sword of his father film was out in the UK.

  2. Ali,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and thanks for your kind words about my website.

    The last I checked, I think you can pay to download “Pendragon, Sword of His Father” from

    Keep in mind that this movie is not “hollywood” quality, but rather it is “total heart” quality in the sense that the Burns family put everything they possibly could have into the movie to make it the best it could be. In that sense, you will be wowed and amazed, especially at the good morals shown through the film. :)


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