White Stag Spotted In Missouri

Yes, it’s true. A white stag was seen near Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

And the deer was photographed! It has only four points now, but imagine what it will look like with a full rack.

White Stag In Missouri

The newspapers all say that the deer is albino, but in fact, it probably has leucism, a rare genetic alteration that causes the skin to lose its pigment, but not the eyes.

Also, check out my other post about a white stag in Scotland. This is, surprisingly, my 2nd most popular post by the number of readers.

8 thoughts on “White Stag Spotted In Missouri

  1. That’s right! I forgot about that scene. The interesting thing is that white stags are associated with going to “the otherworld”, so C.S. Lewis turned the story inside out and had “the otherworld” be our world. Interesting!

  2. I haven’t done any serious research on the subject, but I’m not aware of any at the moment. Statistically, I would expect there to be some more, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been spotted and photographed like this one!

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  3. I saw this deer first hand about two blocks down from my house in a field at about 1:30 in the morning and it is not the first time I have seen it. So yes it does exist. When I first told my boyfriend I saw it he did not believe me and then we were on our way home that morning and I spotted it again. He could not believe it.

  4. That’s amazing, Heather! A once in a lifetime experience … or for you, I guess twice in a lifetime. ;D

    If you get any photos let me know, as I’d love to post them!

  5. About one year ago,I was driving through the park called ‘The Emerald Necklace’ on the west side of Cleveland, OH with an Am. Indian friend and we saw a white deer.
    We were both quite stunned, yet thrilled, to see such a rare and magnificent animal.
    I knew instantly that the site of such was meaningful. My friend, however, indicated that although they are rare, more do exist in the U.S.A.

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