Where To Buy Business Cards, etc.

In preparation for the ACFW Conference next week, I just received two boxes of business cards from Vista Print, and they look EXCELLENT! Better than I even imagined!

Vista Print

So if you are in the need of business cards, either standard or custom, this is the place. You can get free full-color business cards for the cost of shipping if you:

  • Don’t mind their logo on the back of the card
  • Like one of their free 42 backgrounds

Or, if you’re like me and want custom, glossy cards, their prices are still very reasonable. A box of 250 will cost about $27, including shipping.

Xara Xtreme

Also, if you want software that can put together professional quality graphics, I wanted to toot the horn of Xara, Inc., for their awesome product, Xara Xtreme, which is a successor of the venerable Corel Draw. This software is like Adobe Illustrator, only cheaper, and (in my opinion) just as powerful. I used it to create all the graphics for my website, business cards, and pitch sheets.

One more: Although I love Xara’s products, I must admit that I do use Microsoft Visio for pure shape creation. Hard to beat it.

Xara Xtreme

And of course, my son uses the free Blender software from Blender.org for 3D modeling. You can see his “SLY Games” logo on the sidebar of my blog. He also did an awesome title for my daughter’s pitch sheet!