FINISHED! — Curse Of The Spider King Video

After multiple hundreds of hours of work by many, many individuals, we have finished the Curse of the Spider King book trailer video!

Curse Of The Spider King Book Trailer

If you like the video, rate it 5 stars, as that will help raise its profile and help sell more books. The Curse of the Spider King is a YA Christian fantasy novel by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper.

The main contributors to the video were:

For my part, I helped Leighton with the animation of the large warspider. It was quite a trick to get the spider to integrate in with the video and to animate it correctly because physical cameras wiggle, pan, and zoom. We had to get the software camera in the 3D world to duplicate every little movement or else the spider wouldn’t appear to be part of the film.

We learned a lot in the process, and hope you enjoy the video … and the book! :D

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