Enclave Publishing IS LIVE !!

Enclave Publishing

Here’s the press release from the president of Enclave Publishing, the premier publisher of Christian speculative fiction:


Excuse me while I indulge myself in yet another evil laugh.


After more than a year of machinations and shrewd maneuvering I am at last poised to take over the entire…

Okay, okay, I’ll try to be serious.

—but I can’t hold it in—


The books look incredible. I have personally never seen Christian novels that look better than the three novels Enclave Publishing is launching with.

And if you think they’re great on the outside, you should see the stories between the covers. They’re at least as fabulous as the covers, and that’s saying a lot.

So what are you just sitting here for? Hie thee to the Enclave Publishing store. And let the merrymaking begin!

Be sure to check out the prize winners page to see who all won the grand prize and the other prizes as well. Maybe it’s you!

I hope you act in time to claim one or more of the free downloadable bonus books on Launch Day. Buy one MLP novel on October 1 and get “Into the Breach: The Marcher Lord in History” for free. Buy two or more MLP novels on Launch Day and get that e-book AND “A Marcher Lord Gallery” (a $15 value) for free as well.

There’s one thing that may be confusing about the free products on Launch Day, so I’ll tell you about it here. You won’t need to add the e-books to your cart. You also won’t see any indication that you’re getting the e-books for free. But don’t worry. When I receive your order showing one or more MLP books purchased on October 1, I’ll send you an e-mail giving you the link or links from which you can download your free e-book(s).

So even though you won’t see any indication that you’re getting your free e-book(s), you are. It just comes in a second step. Check your e-mail!

Thank you for your support along the way. Our wait is over at last.

A new era dawns in the realm of men…


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Enclave Publishing