The Power Of Myth In Today’s Culture

The Lost Genre Guild alerted me to a new article out in Christianity Today called Sci-Fi’s Brave New World.

Christianity Today

The article’s focus is on science fiction, but it easily applies to fantasy as well in the sense that our current secular culture uses these forms of entertainment to find hope and meaning.

The author of the article, James Herrick, says:

Human spiritual well-being, and thus the humaneness of civilization, depends in large measure on which narratives hold sway in our souls. The present millennium poses possibilities none of us can now fully predict, and requires decisions that will test our moral capacities in unprecedented ways. Which stories will animate our corporate imagination, guide our interpretation of limitless data, and shape our technologies? Among the myriad redemptive myths displayed before us, it is time to remind ourselves that only one has ever been God’s story.

And this is one of the reasons I am writing Epic tales reaching beyond the wisdom of the ages. My goal is to write stories that inspire readers to find hope and meaning not in secular fabrications, but in the God of the Bible.

Take a look at the article and join in the discussion. Places where you can comment are here at Epic Tales, Christianity Today, Speculative Faith, and The Lost Genre Guild.

3 thoughts on “The Power Of Myth In Today’s Culture

  1. This was a great article. I’ve met a few other college professors who feel the same way. The Christian thinkers are on to the need for Christian science fiction (and speculative fiction of all brands) to compete against the secular sci-fi and it’s humanism.

  2. Robert, Thanks for sharing this.
    I loved:

    “My goal is to write stories that inspire readers to find hope and meaning not in secular fabrications, but in the God of the Bible.”

    Apocalyptic and Fantasy are usually stories about good and evil patterned after the Greatest Story Ever Told –the day Good really did triumph over evil!

    I know I write with that Good Spirit in my heart and hope my stories inspire perseverance, hope, faith, loyalty and His love.

    I love visting you here!

  3. Thanks both of you for stopping by!

    It really was a well written article in Christianity Today, and explained pretty clearly how science fiction affects the future. Fantasy, although incredibly influential, doesn’t give impetus to researchers and scientists.


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