New Excalibur Art For Merlin’s Blade

Okay, so I admit it … I have been dissatisfied with the current design and quality of my version of Excalibur … so I redid it.

Not only did I change the funky bolt-shaped hilt end pieces to circles (which is more authentic), but I took a cue from my son’s 3D art and used actual textures, including leather and bronze.

So here it is. Although it isn’t completely photo-realistic, it is definitely a lot better than the previous version.

Excalibur for Merlin's Blade - Copyright...2011 Robert Treskillard. All Rights Reserved.

(I will be updating the website soon to use this version.)

4 thoughts on “New Excalibur Art For Merlin’s Blade

  1. Yeah, it’s great! Very cool =)

    Also, I forgot to mention–thanks so much for answering my questions awhile back. It’s always interesting to get an inside look at other authors’ processes!

    D. S. Dahnim

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