The Ale Boy’s Feast — Jeffrey’s Video — Day 3

The Ale Boy's Feast by Jeffrey OverstreetToday is day three of the fun and always interesting CSFF Blog Tour, and we are reviewing the writing of Jeffrey Overstreet.

In particular, we are looking at his fourth novel, THE ALE BOY’S FEAST, the white strand of the Auralia Thread.

If you missed Day One or Day Two of my review, you can read them by clicking the afore-given links.

For today’s post, Jeffrey has been more than gracious to answer one of my questions through a video he uploaded to YouTube.

Now, mind you, this is actually a bit embarrassing for me, as I didn’t expect him to say what he said about Merlin’s Blade—very kind words, and unnecessary from my perspective, but kind nonetheless. Thank you, Jeffrey.

Here is my question (redacted a bit to avoid a spoiler):

After having read the whole series, it was incredible to have all of the secrets revealed and the mysteries unraveled in The Ale Boy’s Feast. Did you have this ending in mind when you first set out to write Auralia’s Colors? Or did it change over time?

For me, I personally felt that the final book answered just the right number of questions, and fires up my imagination for the parts left untold.

And let me say it again, and I haven’t said it enough. Thank you, Jeffrey, for writing these classic books. For pouring your heart and soul into them.

Next year in New Abascar!

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  1. Thanks for the compliments, Ryan … I’m currently waiting on two publishers who are looking at Merlin’s Blade, so we’ll see. Jeffrey has an “unpublished” copy.

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