Wayne Thomas Batson’s Endorsement of Merlin’s Blade

Wayne Thomas BatsonWayne Thomas Batson is the Bestselling author of eight adventure novels including the fantasy epic Door Within Trilogy, the pirate duo Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire, The Berinfell Prophecies, and a new series, The Dark Sea Annals.

He was very kind to say the following:

When you read Merlin’s Blade by Robert Treskillard, you’ll notice something different right away.

Many stories immerse you in the action or awe you with an enchanting setting, but I haven’t read anything that feels as authentic as Merlin’s Blade. Turn the pages, and you can almost feel the fog rolling in off the moors, smell the low heather, and catch a glint off a blade.

You’ll be transported into the life and world of young Merlin and be swept away by his courage in spite of obstacles that would flatten most of us. Surrounded by wolves in sheep’s clothing, Merlin must fight to be believed, fight to save those he loves, and fight to stay alive.

Treat yourself to Treskillard’s debut novel, Merlin’s Blade, but don’t be surprised if afterward you have a sudden craving for bangers and mash.

Here are all of Wayne’s awesome books!

Here is a short bio for Wayne:

Wayne Thomas Batson has sold more than 250,000 books. His awards include various spots on CBA and ECPA Bestseller lists, Mom’s Choice Award, Silver Moonbeam, and The Lamplighter.

Wayne has been a middle school Reading and English teacher for 18 years. He loves to challenge … and be challenged by … his students. So, when he began writing stories to supplement the school district’s curriculum, it was his students who taught their teacher a lesson. Batson’s students were so taken by one of the stories that, over a thirteen year span, they pushed him to make it into a full-length novel. That story became The Door Within. Since then, Batson’s students continue to be his frontline editors.

Says Batson, “Two things you can count on from middle school students: Intelligence and Honesty. Kids are so much more perceptive than a lot of us ‘Big Folk’ give them credit for. And when something’s not right in the story, they’ll tell you about in very clear terms.”

Batson has also teamed up with author and friend Christopher Hopper for a new book series, The Berinfell Prophecies, which includes Curse of the Spider King and Venom & Song. These novels turn the traditional “portal fantasy” on its head, posing the question: What would happen if the fantasy came to us?

His latest, The Errant King (The Dark Sea Annals Book 2) will be out November of 2011.

Batson believes his books appeal to so many kids and adults because, at a deep level, we all long to do something that matters, and we all dream of another world.

Thanks, Sir Wayne!

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